'Pacific Rim' Viral Site Teases Real Monster Attacks, Countdown to Trailer

Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim being post-converted to 3D

Guillermo del Toro's new monster movie epic, Pacific Rim, is still building up steam in terms of public awareness, but Legendary's 2013 blockbuster is starting to kick its marketing and promotion campaign into gear.

Like most modern blockbusters, Pacific Rim is getting things started by selling the premise of the film (more on that later) through viral marketing materials designed to snag people's interest with "Is this real?" news footage, which plays-up the fantastical elements of the film from a real-world perspective. And in a film like Pacific Rim, that means mimicking the hysteria of a media-covered natural disaster.

For those who don't know, Pacific Rim tells the story of a future in which giant monsters begin rising from the sea, plunging humanity into an all-encompassing war for the planet. To fight these "Kaiju," giant robots called "Jaegers" are constructed by mankind, but they robots can only be piloted by two people who must lock their minds together in a "neural bridge." Two unlikely pilots - a washed-up vet (Sons of Anarchy star Charlie Hunnam) and a rookie (Rinko Kikuchi) - are recruited to pilot a famous (but obsolete) Jaeger, in a last-ditch effort to defend mankind from extinction.

The viral site (Pan Pacific Defense) is presented in the form of a digital map of Earth, with red buttons indicating sites of Kaiju attacks, and said buttons leading to faux news footage about the monster attack in question. At the bottom of the screen we get a clock counting down to what is, presumably, the debut of the Pacific Rim trailer - which should be released online days before it premieres in theaters, alongside The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey on December 14th.



Pacfic Rim Viral Site


This is pretty standard fare, as far as these viral campaigns go. So far, the "goodies" that have been revealed consist of a few viral videos - one an "emergency test system" for Kaiju attack alerts (weak), and the second is faux news footage of the first attack marked on the viral site map, off the coast of San Francisco. Check out both videos below:

Screen Rant members who were present at the Pacific Rim Comic-Con Panel this year describe the footage they saw as being somewhat in line with this viral news footage. Specifically, del Toro's whole purpose behind the movie is to take the sort of Japanese pop-culture monster flicks (where the term "Kaiju" really became popular) and depict them in a more "realistic" manner (read: as if they were actually occurring in today's world).

All of our reporters noted the unique approach to the cinematography and shot composition, wherein the monsters and robots battling it out are seen from frantic "person-on-the-ground" perspectives, and the camera itself is effected by all the chaos and destruction taking place - including cracked and/or smudged lenses. That's all to say: a good portion of the movie may be in line with the type of thing you see in that viral video.

As for the brief footage we get? It looks pretty tense and epic - and the monster depicted is certainly huge and menacing - so hopefully the finished film will sustain that level of excitement. And, hopefully the choice to post-convert Pacific Rim to 3D will turn out to be an enhancive one, rather than a crude gimmick.

Check back to our Pacific Rim Database page for more revelations from the viral campaign - and eventually, the debut trailer.

Pacific Rim will be in theaters on July 12, 2013.

Source: Pan Pacific Defense

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