Pacific Rim Uprising Trailer Breakdown

The Mark VI Jaegers

The victory of the Battle of the Breach vindicated the Jaeger program, which was on the verge of being scrapped before Stacker Pentecost assembled the final group of Jaegers at the Shatterdome for a final series of offensives against the Kaiji. In the decade since, the Jaeger Program has grown by leaps and bounds, with the creation of a new fleet of the most powerful and advanced Jaegers ever created: the Mark VI Jaegers.

The new 25-story-tall Jaegars come with a slew of new weapons: plasma blades, elbow rockets, and something called a Gravity Sling. Gipsy Avenger is the next-generation successor to the legendary Gipsy Danger, comes with a sprint speed upgrade and a Chain Sword. Bracer Phoenix has a chest-mounted gun, a Vortex Cannon, and an Ant-Kaiju Missile Launcher. The most agile Jaeger, Saber Athena, has twin blades and a Particle Charger. The wrecking machine of the Jaeger fleet, Titan Redeemer's primary weapon is a Seismic Morningstar. Finally, Guardian Bravo has an Electric Arc Whip, which we see it using as it fights a Kaiju in the trailer. In addition, we see the Jaeger fleet soar through the skies via back mounted thrusters, so there looks to be even more aerial combat in Uprising as well.

The piloting of the Jaegers is now also more sophisticated. Each Jaegar still requires two pilots side by side and joined in the Drift, but their motions are now faster and smoother, require more agility, and they seem to also have (simulations of) the same weapons in the cockpit as their Jaegars are using in battle.

Jaegers and Kaiju Fighting In Daylight!

As impressive as the visual effects of the original Pacific Rim were in making the audience believe in the sight of giant robots fighting giant monsters, most of the battle scenes were shot at night, during rainstorms, and in the ocean, which helped obscure the visual effects. The trailer for Pacific Rim Uprising clearly shows the sequel's Jaeger vs. Kaiju fights happen in broad daylight and right in the middle of major cities. One criticism of the original film was that the Jaegers moved slowly and purposely, which was intended to convey their mass and the physics involved with giant robots of that size. Uprising looks to be a much more anime-styled upgrade to the Jaegers' movements, with the Mark VI Jaegars moving much faster and being much more agile than their predecessors.

It also seems like we get to see some Jaeger fighting Jaeger action as well. Whether this is due to a training exercise or some rogue elements take command of at least one of the mighty new Jaegers remains to be seen.

"Well, he's pretty big!"

Not to be outdone, the Kaiju also look like they've learned a lot of lessons since their defeat in the previous film, and they've returned with new tricks. Most terrifying of all is what we glimpse at the end of the trailer: the Kaiju seem to have gained the ability to combine together to form an even bigger, multi-eyed Super Kaiju monster! At the very least, the Super Kaiju seems to stitch itself back together from injuries with some kind of healing factor. "Give it everything you've got!" Jake commands the Jaegers. But will it be enough to take down the biggest Kaiju yet? Do the Kaiju have even more monstrous surprises in store for Earth's defenders? Or is it that this time, the Apocalypse won't be canceled? We can't wait to find out.


Key Release Dates
  • Pacific Rim Uprising (2018) release date: Mar 23, 2018
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