Pacific Rim Uprising Gets an Extra Large IMAX Trailer & Poster

You'd better be "war ready" because Universal's Pacific Rim Uprising has just dropped a brand new IMAX trailer and a shiny poster to go with it.

Cashing in on the success of Guillermo del Toro's 2013 movie, Steven S. DeKnight will be taking over directorial duties for Uprising. Star Wars' John Boyega is "replacing" Idris Elba in the Pacific Rim sequel as the son of Stacker Pentecost, with Charlie Day and Rinko Kikuchi reprising their roles to further connect Uprising to the original Pacific Rim. If the previous trailers for Uprising didn't get you your fix of Jaegers fighting Kaijus, then the newly-released IMAX preview ought to do the trick.

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The Pacific Rim Uprising IMAX trailer (see the video in the space above) includes new footage, along with what looks like more polished CGI effects. Again set to Vince Staples' 'War Ready', the latest trailer plays out as one large battle, as we swap dialogue to watch giant beings smash each other to pieces. That's also the theme of the latest poster release for the film, which AMC Theaters debuted exclusively on Twitter (see below).

As illustrated by the Uprising trailers, the sequel sees Boyega's Jake Pentecost follows in his father's footstep by taking control of a Jaeger and doing battle with Kaiju, while also attempting to discover the enemy within humanity's ranks. Along with Boyega, other newcomers to the series include Scott Eastwood, Cailee Spaeny, and Tian Jing as new pilots being trained to do battle with earth's gigantic invaders. It isn't only IMAX that is taking the movie bigger, it looks like the Pacific Rim sequel will be larger in every way... except for maybe ticket sales, based on the box office projections for Uprising.

Amping up the action, Uprising continues to look more and more like a Power Rangers/Transformers hybrid, which could be taken as either a good or a bad thing. Arguably, the trailers have already given too much away, as the IMAX trailer reveals that the Kaiju can evolve into a supersized threat that even the Jaegers will struggle to take on. It looks like it is up to the younger crop of pilots to band together as their own super-team and banish this monster menace while they still can. Even if the plot seems to be a little thin on the ground as a rehash of del Toro's original, at least Pacific Rim Uprising promises to be a colorful affair in all its IMAX glory.

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