10 Movies & Anime to Watch Before 'Pacific Rim'

Okay, so maybe Frank Darabont's adaptation of Stephen King's horror novella doesn't really fit under the "kaiju" banner, but monsters are monsters, and The Mist boasts a huge collection of otherworldly creatures that come in all shapes and sizes. Big spiders, mini pterodactyls, enormous praying mantises, colossal, indescribable beasts...there's a critter in here for everyone, with a huge emphasis placed on practical FX work over CGI.

But it's the basic conceit of The Mist that really makes it a good aperitif for Pacific Rim. After a lot of talk about dimensional portals, it's clear that the various creepy crawlies attacking the small Maine town in which The Mist is set come from a whole other sphere of existence from our own. They're not man-made; they're natural-born aberrations brought to Earth by a rift in space, just like the interloping kaiju in del Toro's own story.

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