10 Movies & Anime to Watch Before 'Pacific Rim'

Of course, there are many, many more movies that could have made this list, from Godzilla's ancillary titles, to movies that have nothing to do with Godzilla such as War of the Gargantuas and Daimajin, to modern entries in the kaiju genre like the aptly named Monsters and popular anime titles like Gunbuster. (And let's not forget Mighty Morphin Power Rangers!) As narrow as the kaiju and mecha genres are, they're chock-full of great titles worth watching; these are just our ten favorites. So what are yours? Sound off in the comments section!

Pacific Rim hits theaters Friday, July 12th; tide yourself over in the meantime by checking out some of the films mentioned here, and by taking a look at the numerous featurettes about del Toro's latest here on Screen Rant. (Also, don't forget to keep an eye out for our impending Pacific Rim review.)

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