'Pacific Rim' WonderCon Trailer Reveals More Story and Robots vs. Monsters Action

The WonderCon trailer for 'Pacific Rim' serves up more giant robots vs. monsters action, but also some additional story points as well.

Pacific Rim - WonderCon Trailer

That Hellboy and Pan's Labyrinth filmmaker Guillermo del Toro's first full-blooded blockbuster, Pacific Rim, will be a box office success is not guaranteed, as was discussed by the Screen Rant Underground Podcast crew during their Summer 2013 preview. In a frame that includes superhero movies, commercial genre fare, easy-to-sell sequels or a mix of all three (see: Iron Man 3), del Toro's original sci-fi project - which draws from a particular subsection of geek culture - has its work cut out for it.

Warner Bros. is, no doubt, aware of the need to generate more buzz for that giant robots vs. monsters extravangaza; that partly accounts for why the studio has allowed del Toro to unveil the trailer shown at the 2013 WonderCon presentation.

Pacific Rim is based on a story and script written by Travis Beacham (Clash of the Titans), which takes place in a future where 25-30 stories-tall monstrous aliens enter our world through an inter-dimensional portal in the Pacific Ocean. To counter the world-ending threat, humanity constructs equally-large fighting machines known as Jaegers. Each one is piloted by two people who must work in unison; but will that be enough to (as Idris Elba puts it) "cancel the apocalypse?"

Check out the newly-released Pacific Rim vertical banner (a.k.a. poster), below:

'Pacific Rim' Vertical Banner

The WonderCon trailer serves up lots of previously-unreleased footage that pits the Jaegers against their Kaiju opponents, and the sheer scale of everything is quite impressive (see: the Jaeger swinging a ship around like a bat). However, what is of greater interest for discussion, arguably, are the story and character details, like:

  1. This is the first Pacific Rim trailer to touch upon the psychic bonds formed between pilots, which results in what star Charlie Hunnam (Sons of Anarchy) has described as "a love story without a love story."
  2. New glimpses at supporting players like Ron Perlman, who talked about the film at the 2013 C2E2 convention.
  3. Charlie Day (It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia) playing the scientist Dr. Newton Geiszler, who recognizes there's a pattern to the monster attacks - and realizes that stopping them will take more than inflicting sheer mindless destruction in response (via the Jaegers).

Indeed, the combination of geek-pleasing spectacle - with the display of genuine substance to the film's story and characters - makes this Pacific Rim trailer a vast improvement on its predecessors (in my humble opinion, anyway). We'll have to wait and see how everyone else feels, though - especially those who're not already sold on this movie, based on its premise alone.


Pacific Rim opens in U.S. theaters on July 12th, 2013.

Source: Warner Bros.

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