'Pacific Rim' Round-Up: New Clips, Posters & Featurette


Pacific Rim is right around the corner (temporally speaking, anyway - geographically it depends on where you're reading this from), and there's been no shortage of posters, trailers and featurettes to tease the epic showdown between man-made giant robots and extra-dimensional oversized monsters. Since we've already had so many, a few more can't possibly hurt.

In the latest round-up of new promotional material for Pacific Rim, there are three minute-long clips from the film, an extended featurette, and two new posters. These may well be among the last of their kind that we see, until the extra features for the DVD and Blu-ray release, at least.

The three new clips are all of a very different nature, and each shows an intriguing glimpse into a different area of the Pacific Rim universe. In the first, Raleigh (Charlie Hunnam) and Mako (Rinko Kikuchi) size each other up as potential co-pilots by facing off as adversaries in a fight. In the second, Dr Newston Geizsler (Charlie Day) attempts to acquire a particular Kaiju organ from the the black market that has apparently sprung up around the harvesting of the dead monsters' bodies from battle. In the final clip, we get to see one of those battles in motion as Raleigh and Mako take their Jaeger up against one of the invaders.


The Kaiju have, thus far in the Pacific Rim marketing, been mostly shrouded in water, smoke or darkness to conceal their true forms, so it's quite gratifying to see one in its full glory. If that clip wasn't enough for you, however, there's also an entire Kaiju-specific featurette on the design of the monsters:

Interestingly, despite the fact that the Kaiju come from an inter-dimensional crack deep in the Pacific ocean, del Toro says that they are "based on life forms that exist on Earth. We tried to echo real animals." There might be an in-universe explanation for why the Kaiju resemble sharks and lizards from Earth, such as the rift between worlds opening up in the past to allow species to cross from Earth into the parallel dimension and evolve differently there. It would also, however, be part of del Toro's attempt to make an homage to the genre, which has predominantly featured monsters that resemble mutated forms of familiar creatures.


If you're not quite satisfied with all that new footage, then here's one final cherry on top to get you excited for the release of Pacific Rim: Coming Soon has two brand new trading card themes posters, one representing the Jaeger and the other featuring the Kaiju. Their stats, once added up, make them evenly matched, but note that the Jaeger has killed five Kaiju and is still standing, which has to count for something.


Gipsy Danger is apparently one of the oldest surviving Jaeger's in the movie universe, and is the one that is seen being piloted by Mako and Raleigh. The big, bad, ugly Kaiju in the second poster is called Otachi and is a "Category 4" - whatever that means. Based on what has been shown of Otachi's size and abilities, we can only pray that no Category 5 Kaiju came through the rift as well.

There haven't been many details so far as to what drove the Kaiju into Earth, or what they are so annoyed about, but screenwriter Travis Beacham has said that we will definitely get to see somewhere that is not Earth in the movie, and del Toro has hinted that if Pacific Rim gets a sequel, the characters might take a turn at adventuring through the other side of the dimensional rift.

Will you be first in line to see Pacific Rim when it arrives in theaters, or will you wait for rental and see the giant monsters on a small screen?


Pacific Rim is out in theaters on July 12, 2013.

Source: Coming Soon

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