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Star Wars: Theatrical Re-Release Trailer

This trailer for the theatrical re-release of Star Wars showcases many of the film's most famous scenes and features some surprises -- including unfinished lightsaber effects during the duel between Darth Vader and Obi-Wan Kenobi. Also notable is the narration, which describes the movie as "a billion years in the making," and the closing graphic that celebrates the film's Academy Awards.


Pros and Cons: Being Dracula

With Halloween just days away, Jimmy weighs the good and the bad of being Dracula.


Mission Report: Back to the Future In Real Life

For our latest mission we brought the movie Back To The Future to life in a public plaza near the Met Life Clock Tower in Manhattan. A time traveling Delorean suddenly appeared, and Doctor Emmett Brown leaped from the vehicle to warn Marty McFly and Jennifer Parker that they were about to see themselves from ten minutes in the future, the consequences of which could be disastrous. Moments later a second Marty and Jennifer (played by identical twin actors) arrived on the scene.

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Paul Gerke as Paul Burgundy

Funniest Sportscast Ever as Idaho On Your Side Sports Director Paul Gerke gets into the Halloween spirit.


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