Shooting on Guillermo del Toro's Monster Movie 'Pacific Rim' Underway

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Aside from a few scattered casting updates, it's been awhile since we had an update on Guillermo del Toro's mega-monster film, Pacific Rim - which, despite a few setbacks (i.e. rewrites after the natural disasters in Japan), is still on target for a 2013 release date. However, despite their excitement, many Del Toro fans have been anxiously looking at the clock - wondering if the visionary director will be able to put together such an ambitious film without a clear start date.

Now, a bit out of nowhere, Del Toro confirmed that shooting on Pacific Rim would commence this week.

Speaking with Wired, in an interview that was conducted last week, Del Toro announced that shooting on the film would begin on Monday, November 14th - which means (now that the article is out there) that if Del Toro's claims are accurate, filming on the genre flick in now already underway:

"We start shooting next Monday [Eds. note: Nov. 14] on Pacific Rim, which is a gigantic production for Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros."

Del Toro as well as writer, Travis Beacham, have both been pretty tight-lipped about the finer details of the Pacific Rim plot but the film is largely expected to be a genre experience inspired by classic mega-monster films - with the addition of giant mechs piloted by humans. If that's hard to picture, imagine something along the lines of Godzilla vs. Transformers - backed with rich designs from Del Toro's trademark visual style.

Here's how Del Toro himself describes the production:

"We are working with actors that I absolutely adore. Idris Elba, Charlie Day, Charlie Hunnam, Ron Perlman. It’s really, it’s a very, very beautiful poem to giant monsters. Giant monsters versus giant robots. Twenty-five-story-high robots beating the crap out of 25-story-high monsters. We’re trying to create a world in which the characters are real and how it would affect our world politically, how it would affect the landscape if creatures like this really came out of the sea, etc."

Pacific Rim is no doubt Del Toro's most ambitious, and large-scale, project to date - even considering a resume that includes Hellboy 2: The Golden Army, Pan's Labyrinth, and Blade 2. It'll be especially interesting to see how the filmmaker balances all of the elements that he mentions above: giant monsters and robots, real characters, as well as politics. Del Toro certainly has his work cut out for him - as many filmmakers have a difficult time walking the line between large-scale action and grounded character drama (we're looking at you Michael Bay).

Plus, the mention of "how it would affect our world politically" certainly hints at a multi-national storyline with a wide range of primary side-characters that will likely have their own story arcs. Similar set-ups (such as Independence Day) mostly managed to juggle a large batch of interwoven characters with large-scale disaster but Del Toro has always tried to mine a lot more depth out of his films (as evidenced in his Hellboy installments) - when compared to other genre fare. As a result, it's possible that even if Del Toro doesn't nail every single ambition he's shooting for, fans will still be in for an exciting time at the movies.


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Pacific Rim is officially set for theatrical release on May 10th, 2013.

Source: Wired [via Latino Review]

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