Pacific Rim: Guillermo del Toro Still Hopeful for Animated Series

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Even if franchise creator Guillermo del Toro won't have anything to do with the upcoming sequel to Pacific Rim, the acclaimed filmmaker is still hoping to develop an original animated series based on the property. With the impending theatrical release of the Steven S. DeKnight directed sequel Pacific Rim: Uprising on the horizon early next year, fans of the monsters vs. robots original have a lot to look forward to whichever way you look at the larger picture. Some viewers might have still preferred seeing del Toro return to helm the new movie, but the much beloved auteur has had nothing but kind things to say about DeKnight and his work in expanding the series even further.

Fans of del Toro know by now that the world renowned filmmaker is known for promising to produce far more than he ever can hope to deliver - with the untimely demise of his Silent Hill video game and the perpetually tarnished hopes for Hellboy 3 immediately coming to mind - which should help to lessen the blow of his subsidiary role as a producer for Pacific Rim: Uprising. What's more, del Toro recently sat down to talk at length about all of the various projects that he has recently been considering and reconsidering.

During a recent conversation with Collider, del Toro touched upon several things - notably including his scrapped plans for a theatrical adaptation of the H.P. Lovecraft novella At the Mountains of Madness   - as well as his work in continuing the Pacific Rim franchise outside of theatrical releases. Those in the know might recall that plans for an original animated series have already been bandied about by del Toro, but it would appear that they have not been forgotten, either.

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It's always hard to tell just which del Toro films and projects will actually see the light of day, and with the director's forthcoming live-action fantasy The Shape of Water currently in production, it might be best not to get hopes for an animated Pacific Rim series too high. Nevertheless, del Toro is still being vocal in his hopes for making it a reality, which can only mean that the property is still of certain importance to its creator.

For now, fans and casual viewers alike have Pacific Rim: Uprising to look forward to. And based on the reception garnered by that sequel, the decided the fate of the kaiju film series going forward will undoubtedly make itself known. But if you're really interested in seeing what a del Toro animated series looks like in the mean time, be sure to check out his Netflix Original Series Trollhunters to tide you over.

Source: Collider

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