Pacific Rim 2: Scott Eastwood Suits Up in New Set Photo

Scott Eastwood - Pacific Rim 2 Uprising

Scott Eastwood continues to be an actor that is getting involved in major films. Roles in Gran TorinoFuryThe Longest Ride, and Snowden helped bring him into forefront. Since then, he has jumped at the opportunity to join the DCEU in a surprisingly small role in Suicide Squad, a new role in The Fate of the Furious, and later on getting his potential big break in Pacific Rim: Uprising. While much of the attention has so far gone to the film's true lead John Boyega thanks to his breakout role in Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens, Eastwood will be playing an unknown co-lead role.

Ever since his casting, fans have wondered whether or not Eastwood's character would also be a Jaeger pilot like Boyega. With Boyega's Jake Pentecost following in the footsteps of his father Stacker (Idris Elba), it had not been made clear if Eastwood too would join the fight and what the reasoning behind it would be. The former at least has now been confirmed thanks to a new set photo.

Instagram user scotteastwoodfanpage has uncovered a photo of Eastwood on the set of Uprising that gives the first look at him in a Jaeger suit, confirming he will get the chance to pilot one of the giant robots and fight whatever new threat director Steven S. DeKnight has dreamt up. This photo comes on the heels of Boyega also recently being spotted wearing the newly designed pilot suits, but Eastwood's character looks like he is not as in good of a condition.

Scotty filming Pacific Rim, he looks so good with his jaeger suit ♡♡.. #ScottEastwood #PacificRim

A photo posted by 《ѕсотт Eαѕтωооd》 (@scotteastwoodfanpage) on

Eastwood has blood coming from his face, bicep, and side, but the photo does not make it clear if all of this blood is his. The portion on his face appears to be part of a head wound, but the rest is unclear. Clearly, his character has had a rough encounter recently, but the culprit remains unknown. These wounds could come from a battle he had in his Jaeger that got out of hand, or he could have had a physical altercation with someone else.

If the blood is not his, it could point to one of the many young newcomers potentially meeting their end over the course of the movie, something that wouldn't be too surprising even if it has nothing to do with this photo in particular. If Eastwood does potentially lose his co-pilot, it could open up the door for him and Boyega's characters to team up near the end of the film. There has been no indications as to how their characters feel about one another, so they could be best friends or bitter rivals. Either way, Eastwood should be in line for a big role in Uprising and have plenty of opportunities to come out on top.

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