Pacific Rim 2 Script is Done; del Toro Waiting for a Green-Light

Pacific Rim 2 script is done

Pacific Rim 2 appeared to be moving along as planned for much of the past year - until the tail-end of this past summer, that is. First, rumors emerged that the giant robots vs. giant monsters sequel had been put on indefinite hold; then, Universal and Legendary officially delayed the project, removing it from its previously-set Summer 2017 release date to some TBA launch time.

Despite that, co-writer/director Guillermo del Toro has continued to work on the Pacific Rim 2 script and offered fans assurances that there's still reason to be hopeful that the movie will happen. Now, the filmmaker has taken the project one step closer to attaining a green-light.

The Pacific Rim director appears to still be cautiously optimistic about the sequel, even now that its future is less certain. Even in a recent interview with Screen Rant, del Toro mentioned that Pacific Rim 2 is not “by any means cancelled,” giving fans hope that they may see the continuation of the Jaeger vs. Kaiju story.

The director has since taken to his Twitter account to announce that Pacific Rim 2's fate is now up to the Universal/Legendary studio heads:

PACIFIC RIM 2: Budget and script went in. No answers yet. If anything happens, I will post. If nothing happens, I will just keep rambling.

— Guillermo del Toro (@RealGDT) October 29, 2015

Considering that del Toro has just submitted the script, it may still take some time to find out if the movie will be green-lit. However, if Legendary/Universal does approve of the sequel, it might still be a while before fans will get to see it on the big screen. The director has already revealed that he now plans to make a low-budgeted vampire movie titled Silva (a project he's long wanted to make) before he gets to work on Pacific Rim 2, either way.

Guillermo del Toro filming Pacific Rim
Guillermo del Toro filming 'Pacific Rim'

This would not be the first time that another of del Toro’s movies have been left hanging in the balance. The Hellboy trilogy still has not been completed despite urgings from lead actor Ron Perlman on multiple occasions. However, Guillermo del Toro himself said that Hellboy 3 could only be made if Pacific Rim 2 was a success - which makes it difficult, as Legendary/Universal seems to have gotten cold feet about the latter sequel.

Will Pacific Rim have the same fate as the unfinished Hellboy series? Given the flip-flop of rumors that have been appearing online, it’s hard to tell - but until then, we'll keep an eye out for more updates from del Toro (and his Twitter account).

Pacific Rim 2 (for the time being) does not have a release date.

Source: Guillermo del Toro

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