Pacific Rim 2 Trailer Gets Awesome LEGO Stop-Motion Makeover

With the release of Pacific Rim Uprising edging ever closer, the movie has been given some healthy competition in the entertainment stakes by way of a LEGO trailer recreation. The film may not have Guillermo del Toro as director, but nonetheless it looks set to offer more of the same thrilling Kaiju-on-Jaeger action.

Of late, fans of the original film have been treated to some new footage, first with a trailer that showcased John Boyega facing off against a new apocalypse before then revealing an extra large IMAX trailer and new poster. Although there are concerns about whether this sequel is able to live up to the 2013 original, particularly when it comes to plot, at the very least viewers are going to be in for some more high stakes battles.

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That said, a recent fan trailer for Pacific Rim Uprising has shown the potential for the Pacific Rim franchise to take on a slightly more block-focused angle. The remake, from Brick Force Studios, gives the Pacific Rim Uprising trailer a major LEGO makeover, translating the action of the trailer itself into LEGO format with great aplomb.

Pacific Rim 2 in LEGO

The trailer is another great example of just how well LEGO creators can reimagine other franchises using the building blocks, while the stop motion animation on show gives Pacific Rim fans an example of just how the property could tie in with some of the other franchises that have been given the LEGO treatment. Between all of the left field choices for LEGO movies created by fans, such as that great Deadpool 2 LEGO trailer, there's certainly scope to build something very different from the likes of LEGO Batman.

Outside of this trailer, however, LEGO has been keeping its plans to save the world on a slightly lower key than fighting giant monsters. Instead, the company has revealed its first steps towards sustainability, with the news that there will soon be plant-based LEGO blocks available for items such as leaves, bushes, and trees. It's slightly less bombastic than the company revealing giant mechs, but a neat move nonetheless.

Unfortunately, LEGO and Pacific Rim Uprising could share something in common beyond this trailer. LEGO has announced that its profits have fallen for the first time in 13 years, while the Pacific Rim sequel is predicted to open well below the original. Hopefully, Uprising will be able to surprise everyone, and there will be the potential for future fan-made LEGO trailers in future.

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Source: Brick Force Studios

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