Guillermo del Toro Insists Pacific Rim 2 Isn't Canceled

Charlie Hunam and Rinko Kikuchi in Pacific Rim

Guillermo del Toro's creativity is unstoppable; the writer and director is always working on something, whether a movie, TV show, or a book. In addition to directing and writing, del Toro has also served as producer for various films, such as Puss in Boots and Peter Jackson's The Hobbit trilogy.

His latest work as director was the gothic romance Crimson Peak, and for some time the next project on his list was the highly anticipated sequel to the science-fiction monster film Pacific Rim. The sequel has been going through some pre-production obstacles, with the latest news stating it was "off the table" indefinitely. But according to del Toro, the project is still going.

Now an avid user of Twitter, del Toro used the social media platform to set things straight regarding the current status of Pacific Rim 2. According to him, people should not believe everything that is being said, and also reassured that he will stay with it "one way or another."

Pac Rim 2 cancelled? Don't believe everything you read. It's still going and I'll remain w it in one way or another!

— Guillermo del Toro (@RealGDT) January 11, 2016

Production of Pacific Rim 2 saw its first obstacle last year when, according to THR, the film was "halted indefinitely" and could either be pushed back to a later date or canceled -- this as a consequence of the tension between Universal and Legendary CEO Thomas Tull. Universal later announced the film no longer had an official release date, filling the void with the third instalment from the Pitch Perfect franchise. Despite all this, del Toro kept working on the script and, in an interview with Screen Rant, reassured fans that the sequel was not "by any means canceled." After that, del Toro and his fans have been anxiously waiting for the studio to green-light the project.

Jaeger and boat Pacific Rim

However, hope is not completely lost. THR shared that the imminent acquisition of Legendary by the Chinese conglomerate Wanda could save the future of the sequel, as Pacific Rim performed much better in China than anywhere else in the world, including the US.

While fans wait for a sign, del Toro has other projects to work on, such as the development of the Netflix series Trollhunters, based on the children's book written by him and Daniel Kraus. Among his possible future projects are the remake of the science-fiction classic Fantastic Voyage and the low-budget vampire movie Silva. Meanwhile, The Strain – based on the books written by del Toro and Chuck Hogan – will come back with season 3 this year.

Even with del Toro debunking rumors about the cancellation of Pacific Rim 2, the future of this would-be franchise is uncertain. Let's hope it won't fall in the same limbo as the third Hellboy film, and that the studio will find a way to make it happen.

Screen Rant will keep you posted on any further news regarding Pacific Rim 2.

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