SR Pick [Video]: 'Pac-Man' Horror Trailer

Pac Man Film Trailer Parody

We all know Hollywood is starting to run short on original ideas.

With so many studios pushing out films adapted from classic board games and action figures lines, it's only a matter of time before Hollywood execs raid the retro video game vaults - especially after the recent announcement of a Space Invaders film.

In what could be considered a preemptive strike, Therefore Productions has put together a Saw-inspired take on the Pac-Man franchise:

"Pharmaceutical CEO Michael Pacman is forced to take his own dangerous medications in order to survive a maze designed by a sadistic patient out for revenge. This 2-minute trailer satirizes and skewers Hollywood's love for taking video games with barely any plot (e.g. Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, etc.) and turning them into abominably bad feature films. In this trailer, Pacman is given the 'Saw' treatment - enter a dark and disturbing world filled with pellets, ghosts, and yes, Pacman."

I've got mixed feelings about the trailer. It's clever, has surprisingly high production values, and I'm inclined to recommend it to everyone - there's no doubt it's an excellent attempt.

However, if too many people watch trailer, the buzz will almost certainly cause Hollywood to scramble for writers interested in penning an actual Pac-Man film. So, in the interest of not opening that box just yet - let's keep the Pac-Man trailer between us... okay?

Check out the trailer below - but don't tell anyone else (and make sure to stay after the credits):

This particular Pac-Man trailer isn't a franchise-first but it's certainly a bit racier than other popular Pac-Man trailers - which tend to feature a more traditional tone (by comparison).

Back in 2004, Crystal Sky Pictures mentioned they'd be producing a live action Pac-Man adaptation; however, it's been several years since we've heard any type of substantial update on the project - so it's unlikely the project has, or ever had, any real traction.

If Crystal Sky Productions, or anyone else, do ever get around to making a Pac-Man film, which seems inevitable at this point (considering Monopoly and Ouija films are already en route), I'd prefer an anime-style feature - as opposed to a Smurf-like live action/CGI hybrid.

What do you think of Pac-Man: The Movie? Should Hollywood make an official Pac-Man film - how would you like to see the franchise handled?

Source: Cinematical

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