7 Reasons ‘Oz the Great and Powerful’ Is Similar to ‘Army of Darkness’

There more than a few similarities between 'Oz the Great and Powerful' and 'Army of Darkness,' both directed by Sam Raimi. We break them down for you.

Did you know that Oz the Great and Powerful is a shot-for-shot remake of Army of Darkness? Forget the mystery of which actress is playing the Wicked Witch of the Westthis is the secret that Disney has been hiding!

Of course, we’re only kidding. Oz isn’t actually a remake of the third Evil Dead movie - shot-for-shot or otherwise. Nevertheless, there are some striking similarities between the two films - which director Sam Raimi recently confessed in our interview with him - to the point that it bears further scrutiny in the form of a side-by-side comparison guide. As such, we’ve crafted a list comparing the two films and their various similarities.

FYI: There are MASSIVE SPOILERS ahead for Oz the Great and Powerful, so if you'd prefer to watch that movie without knowing every major story beat, you should probably stop reading right now.

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