Overwatch: 10 Widowmaker Cosplays You Need To Get Into Your Sights

Whether it's due to her scantily-clad outfits or her blase attitude, Widowmaker seems to be a fan favorite amongst Overwatch gamers. The character was introduced to the game by Blizzard Entertainment back in 2016 as a lethal sniper agent. Widowmaker is a French Overwatch agent, whose real name is Amélie Lacroix.

Widowmaker's unique look is composed of blue skin, heavy armor, and a giant sniper rifle. Her seemingly sensual allure in juxtaposition with her intimidating rank is what makes her a go-to choice for cosplayers around the world. Widowmaker also has numerous different skins to choose from within the game, making this character's overall decor available on endless fronts. There are thousands of cosplayers who have created versions of this infamous Talon agent. So here are just ten Widowmaker cosplays you need on your radar.

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10 Classic Widowmaker

Once Amélie was recruited by the Talon league, she underwent some formidable alterations. Physically, her heart rate began to slow down which affects the temperature of her skin. As a result, she is left with this blueish-purple tint. Along with her bright yellow eyes, her character facade is a hard one to master for cosplayers.

Shea, a practiced 18-year-old cosplayer, looks absolutely wicked in her Widowmaker cosplay. Her makeup appears to be seamless and her highlights make her character all the more convincing. Shea is incredible when it comes to costuming and body-painting, with some of her other cosplay highlights being Meulin Leijon and Raven of Teen Titans Go!

9 Spider Queen Widowmaker

Alive, Widowmaker's animated short, exploits her backstory involving spiders. As a child, Amelia was terrified of spiders, but as an expert sniper, she's learned to embrace them. In cohorts with this backstory, Overwatch gave Widowmaker a new skin during Halloween 2018. The color block closely follows her classic design, but the intricate spider-themed details take the motif to a whole new level. Cosplayer Kama Bree, aka Khainsaw, premiered her own edition of the new skin at Animé Los Angeles earlier this year. This is an entirely handmade ensemble, with a special emphasis on the spider-web details. If this isn't considered a top-notch cosplay, then what is?

8 Mythic Widowmaker

A respectable habit amongst cosplayers is their willingness to take a character and create a design all on their own. Canadian cosplayer Lynn sports a Mystic Widowmaker design which was created by fellow cosplayer Gladzy Kei. Lynn was one amongst a group of nine Overwatch characters all reimagined at the hands of Gladzy. The group premiered their mythical designs at Katsucon 2019. When announcing the inspiration for the reinvented characters, Gladzy stated that the "theme is sorta Cyberspace Egypt and I just named the skins "Mythic" paying homage to myths and stuff..."

7 Odette

The white swan aesthetic for this Widowmaker skin is in reference to the ballet, Swan Lake. Widowmaker is said to have been a ballet dancer in her former life. It's an interesting way to tie the attire into the character's backstory. This skin was met with some debate when it first premiered. However, the elegant look paired casually with her typical sniper rifle still makes her a threat on all fronts. Twenty-two-year-old Florence cosplayer, Ellie Amber, looks like she stepped right out of an Overwatch game. Her Odette skin is completely made by her, including the props and headpiece.

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6 Destroyer Widowmaker

Sometimes when one artist inspires another, it comes to fruition in the form of an awe-inspiring cosplay. This dark Widowmaker demeanor was fashioned by Canadian artist Sakisakimi. This alternative take of Widowmaker's Destroyer skin looks fierce with its black base and orange lava streaks. Cosplayer Gehenna is a Czech cosplayer who decided to take this artwork and bring it to life. She nailed the details, from the Widow's Kiss to the Infra-Sight. She even gave the orange textured features that glowing effect.

5 Black Lily Widow

The Black Lily Widowmaker skin is donned with floral designs and a not-so-typical purple dress. Even the Widow's Kiss rifle features the more feminine design, and as such, this skin met with some debate for Overwatch players. However, this cosplayer's real-life creation brings a whole new light to this skin. It is truly intricate work with subtle hints of Widowmaker's classic look worked into the cosplay. Lisa is a competitive gamer and cosplayer from Canada. Besides this gorgeous Black Lily Widowmaker cosplayer, Lisa has sported the San Francisco Shock, Genji Shimada Sparrow, and other variations of Overwatch characters.

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4 Comfy Widowmaker

One of the tricky parts of cosplaying characters like Widowmaker is nailing down the artistry of bodypainting. Too much paint can leave your forged skin looking streaky and unrealistic, and too little can take away from the character's semblance. Shari Alexa is a cosplayer from the Philippines who found a workaround for such an obstacle. In order to cosplay the beloved Overwatch character, Shari stepped into a dye sublimation suit. These suits are frequently worn by cosplayers and are an easy way to escape the hassle of bodypaint. In coordination with the Infra-Sight helmet and armor, Shari's Widowmaker looks incredibly spot-on!

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3 Shourca Widowmaker

Yet another fan-inspired cosplay with Widowmaker at the base. Widowmaker Magical Gir was designed by artist Shourca. This concept art and cosplay have all the makings of a great Widowmaker skin, from the spider staff the carefully detailed embroidery. NanaFly is a cosplayer from Germany who has an impressive list of cosplays on her resume. Her Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time is one encouraging spectacle. Other than that, her Rey, Mary Jane, and Witcher cosplays are also worth checking out.

2 Spidey Widow

A Marvel and Overwatch mashup? How could it go wrong? This concept comes from an artist by the name of Leo and is worn by cosplayer Lirael. Naturally, the Spider-Man idea runs perfectly alongside Widowmaker's frequent fascination with the creatures. The suit is detailed with Widowmaker's classic skin colors of purple and pink. Lirael also made sure to include the ever-present headpiece. Hopefully it doesn't disrupt her Spidey sense! Lirael also does phenomenal cosplays along the lines of Camie, Dva, and Supergirl.

1 Odile

Odile is another reference to the Swan Lake ballet. This skin, in particular, is a revisioned costume of the black swan. The garb has noticeable black feathered features, atop a refurbished Infra-Sight headpiece which takes the shape of a masquerade bird beak. Cosplayer Opheliac even went as far as to theme her Widow's Kiss with the green and black feathered attributes to coincide with the rest of the alternative Widowmaker skin. Opheliac's Odile reprisal is one of her many talented features on her cosplay Instagram account. She has also cosplayed Brigitte, Sombra, and Tracer.

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