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Overwatch Oasis Map

Blizzard promised us new maps in 2017, and boy did they deliver! The new king-of-the-hill map Oasis was released just three days into the new year. Now that's what you call making good on a promise. With 362 more days in the year, though, Overwatch players are

wondering what else may be in the works for the development team. Oasis comes chock-full of backstory as a technologically advanced utopia society, founded by eight of the world's leading scientists. Despite having killer traffic (watch out, the cars will knock you off the map!) and boasting an amazing elevator of death, the three Oasis maps are actually quite symmetrical and seemingly basic. King-of-the-hill maps are fun, but players are also hoping to see more payload or multiple objective maps in the future. And although a flashy story is nice, fans also want to see more of the places they've already seen in Overwatch's digital shorts and comics. Can we build upon the lore a little more before expanding the universe?

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