Overwatch is Officially (And Finally) Coming to Nintendo Switch

Overwatch Switch Trailer

Overwatch was finally confirmed for Nintendo Switch. Nintendo fans have been treated to a medley of major third-party releases in recent months, scoring everything from Mortal Kombat 11 to The Witcher 3. It seemed inevitable that more would follow, but even a year ago fans could have been forgiven for not believing that a online multiplayer shooter like Overwatch would fair well on Switch. Evidently, Blizzard disagreed.

There have been talks for a few weeks now that Overwatch would be coming to Switch. After a Nintendo Switch case rocking the game's logo was posted on Amazon, fans grew suspicious that a port was on the way. Even more recently, a retailer posted a release date of Overwatch on Switch. The game may now be in the running for one of the worst kept secrets in gaming history, but that doesn't take away from the excitement of seeing it appear on a Nintendo console.

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The trailer was shown off during the latest Nintendo Direct presentation, to the surprise of few. Still, the game looks to be a worthwhile port on Switch. The same multiplayer shenanigans that have been available across all platforms are in fine form here, but there appear to be a few bonuses for Nintendo fans that have missed out on the game so far. Or, perhaps, those that simply want a reason to pick up the Switch version of the game when it launches on October 15.

So what's new? Well, Overwatch will support gyroscopic controls on Nintendo's console. This should make everything much smoother for those that are already accustomed to a shooter like Splatoon 2 on Switch. It will also help with overall accuracy given the precision that gyroscopic controls offer. Of course, the graphics are a little lesser than other versions of the game, but this is expected.

Even then, the game still looks great. More importantly, the frame rate appears to have been preserved, which means that the competitive nature of the game will remain intact even on Nintendo's lesser-powered hardware. It's a shame that more things aren't being done to make this unique (like Nintendo-themed costumes or amiibo), but Overwatch should make for a worthwhile addition to anyone's library.

Now, whatever happened about all of that hype around Tracer joining Super Smash Bros Ultimate? Oh well, maybe she stands a chance now that there's more content on the way.

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