Overwatch Introduces Brand New Hero Brigitte Lindholm

The team behind the video game Overwatch has introduced the game's next playable hero, named Brigitte Lindholm. Since the game's 2016 release, Blizzard Entertainment has released five additional playable characters, with the latest being the November 2017 reveal of Moira, a support hero. Other new heroes have included Sombra and Doomfist, both offensive heroes, tank hero Orisa and support hero Ana.

Brigitte will be the sixth new hero added to the game, and the first new Overwatch character in 2018. The daughter of defense hero Torbjörn, Brigitte previously appeared in an animated short called "Honor and Glory," which told the backstory of her mentor and godfather, tank hero Reinhardt. Similar to her father, Brigitte is a gifted engineer, who expresses a desire to take an active role in supporting her comrades on the battlefield.

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Brigitte takes the role of a support hero, with abilities similar to those of her father figures Torbjörn and Reinhardt. Donning her own set of armor, Brigitte can protect both herself and her teammates. Her Rocket Flail and Barrier Shield make her essentially a mini-Reinhardt, with a melee weapon and an absorbent defensive mechanism. But Brigitte's flail allows for multiple faster swings, and the Whip Shot ability allows her to knock enemies in her line of sight away from her. Her Barrier Shield may be significantly smaller, but unlike Reinhardt, once her shield is deployed, she is able to utilize a Shield Bash to stun enemies.

Much like how her father can provide armor packs, Brigitte can throw targeted Repair Packs that can heal teammates. If she throws one to an ally that already has full health, they will instead receive additional armor. Finally, her Ultimate Ability, Rally, allows Brigitte to move quicker and provide teammates within her range with armor that lasts until removed by damage.

The character's personality certainly matches her play style - she isn't content with patching up wounds after the fact and would rather be in the middle of the fray. She appears to work better for those who think that Torbjörn doesn't have enough attack power or that Reinhardt is too sluggish and unwieldy; Brigitte appears to be a nimble, happy medium between both of those characters, who seems more capable than those characters to stop an annoying Tracer or Genji in their tracks.

Currently, Overwatch is going through a Lunar New Year seasonal event, celebrating the Year of the Dog with a new map, new competitive mode, changes to the Capture the Flag mode, and of course, cool new skins for your favorite heroes via loot boxes. Brigitte is available to play right now through the game's PTR server (only on PC), with a full release on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 at a later date.

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