Overwatch Netflix Series Fan Trailer: The World Needs Heroes

Overwatch gets re-imagined as a Netflix TV series in a new fan-made trailer. The original gaming property has proven quite successful, following its release on consoles and PC in May 2016. The team-based multiplayer first-person shooter is one that comes from Blizzard Entertainment, introducing a whole new roster of characters and unique lore that has managed to capture the hearts and imaginations of millions playing across the globe. It even racked up some impressive award wins in 2016, leading the 2016 Game Awards winners and taking home the top prize.

Constantly delivering new content to fans in the form of special events, new heroes or something a little different entirely, Blizzard are doing a solid job of ensuring their fan base maintain interest in Overwatch, no matter how old the game may grow. In doing so, they’re ensuring loyalty to their brand and have extended that through various deals with toy manufacturers and beyond. But what if that went even further, into the world of television?

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Despite there being absolutely no evidence of Netflix working with Blizzard Entertainment to bring an Overwatch TV series to the streaming platform, one fan has gotten very creative with their video editor, splicing together a series of video content released by Blizzard in support of their game to put together a very convincing trailer for a supposed Netflix release - with Rag n Bone man’s smash hit single ‘Human’ serving as the theme tune for the series. You can check out the fan trailer above.

A promotional shot of Tracer from Overwatch

Uploaded to YouTube by an account called Lion Montages, the video comes from a group that are widely-renowned for bringing video tributes and montages of various beloved franchises to the Web. Using other trailers and cinematic videos from Overwatch, as well as Blizzard Entertainment’s game Heroes of the Storm (which recently introduced a handful of Overwatch characters as playable heroes there), Lion Montages do a great job of showing us what a trailer could look like if there really was an Overwatch series in development.

A show based on the characters and lore from Overwatch is something fans have been asking for, for quite some time now. In fact, ever since the game debuted, there’s been talk about how well the title would likely do if given the chance to step into the spotlight in another medium. With millions playing across the globe (over 30 million in some of the most recent reports), whoever picked up the franchise would definitely have a hit on their hands.

With that being said, there’s always the chance a television series or even a movie could negatively impact what the team behind Overwatch have built so far. In bringing so much detailed lore to fans, Blizzard are consistently opening themselves up for criticism. They even cancelled a planned graphic novel, so as to leave their options open with the lore surrounding the original game moving forward.

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Source: Lion Montages

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