Who Voices McCree In Overwatch?

McCree voice actor

He’s one of the coolest characters in Overwatch but who is the voice actor behind Jesse McCree? Overwatch is a fast-paced, adrenaline-soaked multiplayer shooter and the game is another huge franchise for Blizzard Entertainment, the developers behind Diablo and World Of Warcraft. Overwatch features an insane number of characters, each with their own unique backstory and playstyle.

Overwatch earned Blizzard over $1 billion in its first year alone and is still considered one of the best multiplayer games around. The game features a surprisingly in-depth storyline too, which takes place decades into the future where an international task force called Overwatch is assembled to fight machines known as Omnics and other threats. The roster of character for the game is ever growing too, with combat medic Bastiste recently added, who is seeking to make amends for a dark past.

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Ice cool gunslinger McCree is a definite fan favorite from Overwatch, who uses his Peacekeeper revolver and flashbangs to dispense justice to evildoers. While he’s far from the fastest character in Overwatch, the accuracy and damage his Peacekeeper can put out more than make up for this. He’s deadly in close quarters, especially for players with a quick trigger finger, and his laconic line delivery never fails to bring a smile. It turns out the McCree voice actor is a prolific name in the field too.

mccree voice actor Matthew Mercer

Overwatch’s McCree is voiced by actor Matthew Mercer, who has an extensive filmography of anime and video game work. He voiced Leon Kennedy in video game Resident Evil 6 and CG movies Resident Evil: Damnation and Vendetta. He also voiced Robin in Batman: Arkham Knight, Deadshot in Injustice 2 and Luke Skywalker in Star Wars: Battlefront II. Over the years he's voiced characters as wide ranging as Tony Stark, Spyro The Dragon and even Mr Freeze.

Matthew Mercer brought his years of experience to McCree in Overwatch, who is seeking some form of redemption for his past misdeeds. While he’s a gun for hire, McCree will only take on jobs he believes are good causes. McCree found himself on the path of good after being arrested and given a choice between joining Blackwatch – Overwatch's covert division – and putting his skills to good use or going to jail. He eventually left when inner conflicts within Overwatch threatened to tear it apart. The amount of lore and thought that went into McCree, and other characters in the game, is one of the reasons fans are still playing Overwatch. McCree voice actor Matthew Mercer also made the character his own, bringing a unique, wry humor to the part.

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