Overwatch is Getting Official LEGO Sets Soon

Overwatch LEGO Coming Soon

Overwatch will be getting official LEGO sets in the near future, according to the game's official Twitter account. The announcement was made yesterday in a short teaser trailer featuring Jeff Kaplan and an animated LEGO version of popular Overwatch heroine Tracer.

Overwatch has been a dominant force in the video game industry since its release over two years ago in May 2016, and it hasn't shown any signs of letting up. The Overwatch League has been a popular staple within the esports community, drawing a huge number of viewers to its finals after the lengthy season culminated in a London Spitfires victory that drew around 10.8 million viewers over the weekend. With global clout like that, it's no surprise that Overwatch is a tantalizing partner property for companies like LEGO.

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While the short teaser for Overwatch LEGO didn't tell us much, it did feature Jeff Kaplan, the brains behind much of Overwatch's success. Kaplan, who is a beloved community figure within Overwatch circles, is shown completing a Tracer LEGO figure. The Overwatch LEGO figure then springs to life, complete with Tracer's voice, and zooms around the screen before it fades to black and announces the Overwatch LEGO partnership, stating that products will be coming soon.

The tweet also features the catchphrase "build the perfect team, brick by brick," which suggests that the first run of Overwatch LEGO will feature a variety of the game's most popular characters. The official LEGO site for the product updated shortly after to feature a clump of bananas and the quote "imagination is the essence of discovery." It seems like a safe bet to pencil in a LEGO version of Winston the gorilla scientist in the products' launch offerings, then, and it makes a lot of sense, too. Tracer and Winston were the first two Overwatch characters to be featured prominently in the game's original announcement trailer.

While we already knew that the partnership with LEGO was happening back in May, precious few details were offered apart from the existence of that deal. In August, Blizzard teased that a half-dozen characters would be getting made into LEGO figures, but those teases didn't appear to include Winston or Tracer. Details on just how many characters will be present in the product launch, as well as which maps might be included in larger sets, have yet to emerge, but we at least know it will be happening soon.

Until then, have sweet dreams about the horrific possibility that, after getting demolished by a D.Va in game and giving up to go to bed, we can now accidentally step on a D.Va LEGO on the way there to really tie the night together.

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