Overwatch: 10 Incredible Tracer Cosplay That Seem Too Good To Be True

Lena Oxton, otherwise known to avid Overwatch players as Tracer, is everyone’s favorite witty, crime-fighting damage heroine. She’s so beloved by the Overwatch regime that plenty of cosplayers have taken to recreating her iconic look to wear to conventions. All of these cosplays hit the bullseye with their impressive detailing and armor craftsmanship. Their stunning handy-work includes some of Tracer’s most well-known attributes, from her coronal accelerator to her pulse pistols. And while we can’t expect any of them to Recall in real life anytime soon, it’s remarkable to follow cosplayers to see how they were able to bring this Overwatch character to life. Check out some of the internet’s best Tracer cosplays!

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10 Ewje Cosplay

Talk about spot on! Even though this cosplayer hails from another sector of the world, she had no problem taking on the persona of this British Overwatch character. Ewje, as she goes by on Instagram, is a 20-something-year-old craftswoman that makes her own cosplays. She’s an active Blizzard and Valve fan and proudly admits to her preference for Kpop music. Her other cosplays consist of popular gaming characters such as Assassin from Diablo 2 and Ghost Suit from Starcraft. Ewje can be found on Twitch and YouTube. We can only guess who she would be playing on her Overwatch live streams.

9 Starke

This northern California cosplayer not only did a phenomenal job putting together Tracer’s suit and accessories, but she’s absolutely spot-on at portraying her attitude. Shannon, aka Stark, brought her Tracer to the Anime Expo convention in 2018, and it seemed to be a hit! With the dedication to the details on her costume with the added bonus of an actual LED light in her accelerator, it’s safe to say that she nailed this cosplay. Many cosplayers choose to create their cosplay props by hand, which seems to be the case with Shannon’s Tracer! If you look closer, you can see the exquisite work and numerous layers she took to make her the chest piece and bracers just right. This fantastic, experienced cosplayer not only did a phenomenal job putting together Tracer’s suit and accessories, but she also nailed the portrayal of the character's attitude.

8 Luca

Holy moly, would you look at that hardware! Luca, who goes by @wukajuice on Instagram shows extreme dedication with this Tracer cosplay. Her wig and makeup are especially iconic. And her lights and meticulous piping for her reactors and back armor are impressive, to say the least. Luca chose to represent Tracer in her Graffiti skin. The garb is more relaxed than many of Tracer’s other looks. She’s adorned with a simple blue hoodie and what appears to be leggings, though her coronal and pistols are still intact. Her pistols have the label Tracemaker etched on the side, which Luca didn’t forget in her cosplay.

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7 Hay Peppa

One of the more popular ways that people in this community like to get creative with their cosplays is to choose a character of the opposite sex—otherwise known as gender-bending. This gender-bent Tracer cosplay looks remarkable. Spencer goes by Hay Peppa on Instagram, and this isn’t his first swapped cosplay. He also wore Agitha from Legend of Zelda with colorful accuracy. One of Spencer’s better-known cosplays is his Spongebob Squarepants where you can see a little Gary perched on his shoulders at all times.

6 Lauren

At New York Comic Con last year, Lauren revealed this striking photo of her Tracer cosplay. She’s wearing Tracer’s classic skin, but her most visual representation of the character has to be of her hair! Lauren decided to bring out a true-to-life model of the hero’s hairstyle, which looks mesmerizing. Besides her obvious do, Lauren was sure to incorporate her blazing reactor and pistols. Lauren is a New Jersey cosplayer and YouTuber who has an incredible lineup of radiant cosplays. Some of her notable works include characters derived from Love Live! School Idol Project.

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5 Acceleration Designs

It's fascinating to see the drastic character innovations that cosplayers are able to pull off. This professional costuming wizard, who goes by Ax, shows off her Tracer transformation. Ax nailed every inch of this cosplay, from the wig to the armored details. The careful weathering really just goes to show what a dedicated gamer and cosplayer that she is. Ax is a 28-year-old designer who handmakes all of her costumes. This woman is a jack-of-all-trades, and her cosplays range from Sabrina, Rey from Star Wars, and Snow White.

4 Spider Mom

This Overwatch cosplay is so good that Blizzard decided to include it in their official Cosplay Tips and Tricks book. Jess a.k.a Spidermom put together this magnificent work of art in the form of a Tracer cosplay. And she is the perfect real-life interpretation of the classic character. Jess makes note that she wants to remake her Tracer cosplay, which goes to show that she must really have respect for this character. Besides Tracer, Jess has cosplayed as Spider Gwen, Anastasia, and Cammy from Street Fighter.

3  Lara Lunardi

This cosplayer takes on a spectacular rendition of Tracer's classic skin. Lara has a degree in game development and experience in professional costuming for film, which explains the accuracy of this Tracer cosplay. Now, Lara hosts her own show called Geekin' It where she teaches her viewers how to craft props and costume accessories. Lara's passion for Overwatch extends far beyond just cosplay. She is an active fan of Overwatch League, which is a professional team of gamers. She roots for NYXL, the Overwatch team based in New York City.

2 Shirogane

Sometimes a cosplay takes the work of a hardworking group of professionals. Shirogane Sama put together the skills of various different vendors in order to recreate this flawless Tracer cosplay. Shirogane is a cosplayer, model, and wigmaker from Moscow, Russia. Her cosplays took off recently after she posted a nearly identical Into the Spiderverse Gwen Stacey cosplay. This craftswoman offers her dedication to a number of fandoms including My Hero Academia and League of Legends.

1 Willow Creative

When you see cosplayers go all in on their costumes, it makes you stop and appreciate the hard work that goes into them. Willow Creative handmade this Tracer cosplay which includes an actual moving accelerator. This Tracer cosplay is absolutely mind-blowing, especially considering it was 100% made by one person "...from the wig all the way down to the shoe soles. The hard parts are 3d designed and 3d printed by me." Willow is a 3D artist and costume maker from the Netherlands. She is currently working on a Demon Hunter cosplay.

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