Overwatch Brings Back Halloween Terror Event Next Week

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Earlier today, Blizzard announced that the Halloween Terror event will be returning to Overwatch next week. The announcement features a tease of some upcoming content including new skins, and perhaps a return of the co-op "Dr. Junkenstein's Revenge" mode that introduced the first experience in Overwatch that was not PvP.

There are two new skins revealed in the short teaser video: one for McCree and one for Reaper. McCree's skin seems to give him a new jacket while turning his robotic left arm orange. Reaper's skin is a little more drastic, with a cape that looks like it belongs do Dracula while donning his usual skull (with possible vampire fangs) but without his usual hat. The logo for the event features Junkrat as Dr. Junkenstein, so there is a possibility that the wave-based arcade mode might be returning.

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This is the second seasonal event in Overwatch to make a second appearance, with the first being the Summer Games event just a couple months ago. In the Summer Games 2017 event, all limited unlockable items were brought back at a discounted price and new items were added for heroes, especially those who weren't in the game the first time around (Sombra, Orisa, and Doomfist). It also featured the return of Lucioball, which in itself gained an additional map based in Sydney, Australia, as well as a dedicated ranked competitive mode.

The nights grow cold

And monsters appear

A great evil gathers

And Halloween draws near...

— Overwatch (@PlayOverwatch) October 3, 2017

If Blizzard treats the return of the Halloween Terror event like the return of the Summer Games, late adopters of Overwatch will have a lot of items to purchase and unlock. This should mean that items like Roadhog's Frankenstein-inspired skin will return, as well as Hollywood turning into a nighttime map with Jack-o-Lanterns and other Halloween-themed items scattered all over. This also means that the community is already speculating on what new skins could be added to the game, with the potential of costume-themed skins being potentially limitless.

Overwatch's events are always a treat and while this event was expected to return, it is nice to see an official announcement. Blizzard is already teasing new content, and it would not be surprising to find the developer has a lot of surprises hidden for when it officially launches. These events help players return to the game for a few weeks to nab some limited items, but hopefully, the influx of returning players will not force the Overwatch team to increase focus on the game's toxicity issue.

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Overwatch's Halloween Terror event will launch on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on October 10.

Source: Blizzard

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