Overwatch's Bastion Gets LEGO Makeover With New Skin

Overwatch LEGO Bastion skin

Blizzard revealed a new Overwatch LEGO Bastion skin, which makes the lovable robot appear as though it were made entirely of LEGO bricks. The skin somewhat resembles the Bastion Overwatch LEGO set released in January 2019, though the in-game model uses different LEGO pieces that would make it significantly larger than its real-world counterpart.

Along with its colorful, cartoony aesthetic, Overwatch's (perhaps flawed) diverse character lineup made it a perfect fit for a licensed LEGO theme. In addition to the Bastion set, the LEGO Overwatch lineup includes builds of some of the best Overwatch heroes, including hero 28, Wrecking Ball, Junkrat, Mercy, Reinhardt and more. Despite the fact that Overwatch LEGO sets released nine months ago, the Bastion skin is the first time LEGO has received a major appearance in-game.

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The Overwatch LEGO Bastion skin is available exclusively through the Bastion's Brick Challenge event. To earn the skin, players will have to win matches in Overwatch's Quick Play, Competitive Play, or Arcade modes. Three wins will unlock LEGO Bastion and Ganymede (Bastion's bird friend) player icons, six wins will unlock LEGO Pharah and Mercy sprays and nine wins will unlock the skins. Players can earn more sprays and player icons by watching partnered Overwatch streamers on specific days. These include streamers like Valkia, WantedOW, BrickinNick and T_Sven. Watching two hours of these streams will unlock a LEGO D.Va spray. Four hours will unlock LEGO Tracer and Widowmaker player icons, and six hours will unlock both Genji and Hanzo sprays and player icons.

The Bastion skin itself is incredibly detailed, meaning it could join the ranks of Overwatch's best skins. It features the iconic red, yellow and blue of LEGO's bricks, remodeling every part of Bastion in LEGO form. Keen-eyed Reddit user u/dotEXEdotCOM noticed that even the bullets Bastion shoots are LEGO-fied, and looking closely at u/dotEXEdotCOM's video reveals that the muzzle flare on Bastion's weapon is a translucent LEGO flame piece. Additionally, a LEGO-like "clink" sound can be heard with each Bastion animation while the skin is equipped. The sprays and player icons earnable throughout the event more closely resemble the real-life LEGO Overwatch sets than the unique design of Bastion's in-game skin.

The Bastion's Brick Challenge event began yesterday, Sept. 17, and ends on Sept. 30. The event's relatively short timeframe seems odd, especially when considering the fact that the Overwatch Switch release won't be available until October 15. It would seem as though a Nintendo console would be the perfect place for a LEGO tie-in, given the company's generally kid-friendly environment, so it's strange Blizzard didn't wait to host the Overwatch LEGO event until after the Switch release.

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Source: Blizzard

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