Awesome Overwatch Infinity War Trailer: Doomfist Has Arrived

Fans of Overwatch and Avengers: Infinity War must watch this awesome trailer that mashes together the two series. It's quite the crossover!

Blizzard Entertainment has done a great job of expanding the world of their multiplayer first-person shooter Overwatch by creating animated shorts, but one fan has imagined if they did something on the grand scale of Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War. YouTuber Salty Phish has put together an awesome video that uses the voiceover from the now iconic superhero film. By using a variety of Overwatch cutscenes, they've managed to re-contextualize the events of the film by giving it a Blizzard spin.

This is just the latest awesome fan creation that has come from Overwatch fans. Ever since the team-based shooter was released in 2016, fans have gone out of their way to create everything from artwork to short stories about the various characters. Each of the shooter's 27 playable heroes have been crafted with their own personality and unique play style, not unlike what Marvel would do when creating a new superhero.

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Salty Phish says that the idea to meld together Overwatch with Marvel's incredibly successful and record setting film came when he saw a fan-made Avengers trailer that used Coolio's 1995 classic song "Gangasta's Paradise." He then began to "basically edit Overwatch footage over it" whenever he was bored, and recently wrapped up production on the video. The work was definitely worth it, as the end result is a great love-letter to both franchises and already has over 100,000 views on YouTube.

Overwatch has become well-known for how passionate their fans are about the first-person shooter, and this video is a great look at how much work fans are willing to do when they fully connect with a series. Editing a nearly three minute video, and finding the right clips to include, isn't a small task, but Salty Phish put in the required work. The end result is an awesome video that everyone can enjoy, even if they're not a huge fan of the aforementioned series.

Blizzard Entertainment knows how much gamers have grown to love the characters and world of Overwatch, so they're looking to capitalize on it. They recently announced that they are teaming up with Nerf to allow fans to purchase toy guns that are based upon weapons in the video game. Details are currently scarce on what exact models will be sold when the collaboration happens in 2019, but Tracer's handguns would make a lot of sense since they already look like some of the Nerf Rival guns (which are meant to serve as a less painful alternative to airsoft guns and paintball).

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