Overlord's Ending Explained: American Soldiers vs. Nazi Zombies

What's Next For Overlord's Survivors

For such a gory movie, Overlord has a surprising number of characters still standing by the time the end credits roll. Boyce, Tibbet, Rosenfeld, Chloe and Paul all make it out alive, the American push forward into France is a success thanks to the radio tower being taken down, the Nazi compound is destroyed, and the village itself is liberated. Boyce, Tibbet and Rosenfeld are given a new assignment with C company (apparently Tibbet's injury wasn't bad enough to earn him a ticket home), which means that they'll soon be off to fight on another front line. Meanwhile, Chloe and Paul will be left to mourn their aunt and try to rebuild their lives.

If Overlord ends up being a hit at the box office, there's clearly potential for a second movie. A sequel could follow the surviving soldiers and perhaps see them encountering another wave of zombies - for example, if the US army does a little digging under the church and discovers the laboratory and the mystery liquid. Another possibility is a prequel movie revealing exactly how the pit of liquid came to be under the church, and earlier instances of it being used to raise the dead. Or, returning to the idea of a sequel, a follow-up could jump forward in time to present day and see the serum being rediscovered. Who knows - perhaps Overlord could still be retconned into the Cloverfield universe.

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The Real Meaning Of Overlord's Ending

Wyatt Russell in Overlord

The most significant takeaway from Overlord's ending is both Ford and Boyce deciding that neither side should have access to the super-soldier serum - a bold decision to make, given that America is caught up in a world war that they aren't even sure they can win. With Hitler's army rampaging across Europe, Boyce could have easily talked himself into stealing another syringe full of the liquid, or telling his superiors exactly what he found underneath the church so that they could uncover it.

Overlord doesn't exactly have a "both sides are as bad as each other" message, which would be hard to pull off in a movie about American soldiers trying to liberate France from the Nazis. However, Ford's actions do serve as a reminder that Boyce isn't completely on the side of the angels. Ford is willing to brutally beat Wafner to try and get information out of him, and he's singularly focused on completing the mission regardless of the casualties along the way. Boyce himself demonstrates the dangers of recklessly trying to use the serum to his own advantage when he spontaneously injects Chase with it, and is then forced to bash his friend's head in after already having watched him die once.

So, while the rumors of Overlord being a secret Cloverfield prequel turned out to be false, it does have similar themes to The Cloverfield Paradox - namely, that humans interfering with nature can have disastrous consequences, regardless of how good the intentions might be.

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