Overkill's The Walking Dead Gets a Last Minute Delay on Consoles to 2019

Overkill The Walking Dead co-op game

Overkill's The Walking Dead is slowly lurching its way towards release, but the game's console versions are facing a late-in-the-day delay. Previously, all versions of the game had been due to have a release on November 6 of this year in North America, but now those gamers checking out the title on PC will be standing against the zombie horde on their own.

The title has had a long and muddled development, but thankfully things were looking up earlier this year. The game received its first gameplay trailer as part of E3 2018, giving potential players an overview of how the title will operate. Meanwhile, further information has since been revealed, including the fact that the game's difficulty depends on the number of players.

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However, console users will have to wait a little while longer to find out exactly how the game will play. Starbreeze Studios has announced that the game is now being delayed on PS4 and Xbox One until February 2019. However, the PC version of the game is still scheduled to release on the previously-planned date.

According to Starbreeze Studios, the decision has been made by 505 Games, which holds the publishing rights to both console versions of the game. A statement from Starbreeze advised that the publisher has decided to push back the console launch until February "because they want to ensure a simultaneous release of the console version digitally and in stores to achieve optimal marketing impact and maximize sales." As such, PS4 and Xbox One players will have a little while longer to wait to pick up the game.

Exactly what this means for the overall launch of the game will be interesting to follow. Should the title pick up solid reviews for PC upon release, then it's likely that the game could pick up a good following when it eventually makes it way to consoles. However, should the game fail to resonate with PC players, that may put console users off - regardless of the number of stunning cinematic trailers the game receives.

All in all, Overkill's The Walking Dead is still shaping up to be an intriguing release. Its emphasis on cooperative play in the zombie apocalypse is something that other games have had success with in the past, and providing the quality is there then attaching the title to the larger lore of The Walking Dead could prove to be an engaging experience. Hopefully, this means that the title will be following in Telltale's The Walking Dead's footsteps and give us two good The Walking Dead games this year.

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Source: Starbreeze Studios

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