OVERKILL's The Walking Dead: Tips, Tricks, and Hidden Features

OVERKILL's The Walking Dead is finally available to play (on PC, anyway), delivering a four player co-op experience set within the canon of Robert Kirkman's iconic and mega popular comic book series.

Our OVERKILL's The Walking Dead review knocked it for a few reasons, one being that lack of tutorials. There's so much to do while on missions, or while managing your camp, that the game doesn't currently explain or make clear.

So, we've put together a guide on tips and tricks that every player and their party should know before venturing into the post-apocalyptic Washington D.C.

The Obvious Gameplay Tips for OVERKILL's The Walking Dead

  • In the lobby for any mission, make sure all party members choose different equipment (Chem Kit, Lockpicks, Mechanics Kit, Power Kit, and Wire Cutter) - it's no good to have all four players using lockpicks and not being able to open or access 80% of the stuff.
  • How to craft: Press "Tab" to bring up the crafting system - you'll be able to craft replacements for the characters two abilities, and for their equipment using resources scavenged on that particular mission.
  • Crouch to move silently.
  • Approach enemies from behind for a takedown option.
  • Press "T" to toggle on your flashlight (there are a lot of dark areas in this world) - Enemies won't notice the light.
  • Press "Y" to remove silencer when going loud anyway - silencers break very quickly so save it for when needed.
  • Always be aware of what's on the ground - bear traps will hold you in place, but string-based traps may drop fire on your or turn on a loud radio.
  • When needing a breather, to farm kills for bounties, or simply to wait for teammates to respawn or an objective to complete, stand on top of things - high crates, bust most especially, large vehicles. Trucks are the best and you're nearly invulnerable up there. Be weary of the bloaters though since their blasts can knock you back or down if you're too close. When you're playing on Very Hard or Overkill difficulty at high level, you're going loud and shooting everything. Being on tall objects lets you control the situation.

Things You Didn't Know You Could Do in OVERKILL's The Walking Dead

  • Instantly break locks that say press "F" to break with a melee attack.
  • Disarm bear traps with a melee.
  • Three melee swings can destroy barb wire (save your wire cutters!)
  • Break individual bottles on a sound trap to negate the tripwire.
  • Melee to destroy radios if a trap sets them off.
  • Melee the hood of a car to disarm a car alarm.
  • If a car lets you salvage but has a red light inside of it, an alarm will go off. Avoid these.
  • Barricade closeable doors by looking up at the top of them - this allows you to board up with wood.
  • Multiple people performing an action increases speed (revives, opening bear traps, etc.)

Mastering Camp Upkeep with Progression & Survivors in OVERKILL's The Walking Dead

  • When sending survivors on missions, pay attention to what type of survivor it's asking for (i.e. Tank vs. Scout)
  • Keep some survivors for maintaining each of the four work station types to keep camp moral up. This boosts success rates, and provides little in-mission bonuses.
  • The Scout upgrade tree opens up more missions, and makes survivors more successful and faster at completing them.

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