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Old man Grant isn't the only playable Tactician in OVERKILL's The Walking Dead. At the start of this four player co-op game there are four protagonists, each of a different class. Season 1 (what the game launches with) starts its story with Heather (Scout), Aidan (Tank), Maya (Support), and Grant (Tactician) and after a while, another Scout named Reina swaps in for Heather.

Of course, you'll notice on the character screens that there's a secret sixth playable character in season 1 of OVERKILL's The Walking Dead too and her name is Bridger, a character players will encounter during the game after escaping the Brigade assault on the Georgetown Camp. Where Grant's weapon proficiency is in utilizing the long-range precision sniper rifle, Bridger is the only character who specializes in using assault rifles, making her an incredibly powerful damage-dealer against human AI foes.

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Unlocking Bridger isn't difficult if you've beaten and unlocked all of the story missions. It just takes some time to make sure you locate what you need to complete the Bounty Hunter quest, and this one's all about collecting lore (note: it doesn't matter what difficulty you play the missions on). A big thanks to DemonicRobots for chatting with us about Bridger and how best to unlock her.

Guide: How to Unlock Bridger in OVERKILL's The Walking Dead

To acquire and begin the Bounty Hunter quest, players must essentially beat the game (Season 1), or at the very least, get to the very end of it.

1. Bounty Hunter's Payment

In season 1's last mission, "Join or Die" players are tasked with assassinating Hurst. Inside the Lincoln Memorial, Hurst is inside a panic room and once you open it and take him out, look inside the room for a lore item (Bounty Hunter's Payment). This begins the quest and unlocks the other lore pickups needed.

The first thing you must do is head to Eckington Camp and speak to Bridger. She's upstairs on a balcony overlooking Caleb's Truck and her dialogue can give hints of where to find the next three lore items that just unlocked, three calling cards that are located on the hunter's victims (Tiny Saul, The Georgetown Sniper, and Gary).

In the main menu go to LOST & FOUND and hit the WORLD tab. Scroll down to BOUNTY HUNTER and you'll see the six items needed to collect, in total.

For the next three (the Calling Cards) it doesn't matter what order you get them in. The first item, "Bounty Hunter's Payment" offers hints at there they are and reveals the story of Kirk Warren, a hunter that Hurst hired to take out these three targets.

2. Calling Card "Tiny Saul"

Start the mission "Listening In" in the West End section of the map, the mission where players are stealing the radio from The Family.

The first obstacle of this mission involves a Forklift, which opens up one of two paths. Once you fix it, it'll open the gate for players or break. You want it to open the gate because if it doesn't the path it takes you down doesn't contain the lore. Restart.

Once through the gate you'll head through the office building on the right and at the other end of it, there's a diner across the street with some snipers on top. In this open area check the far left corner where the mission takes you anyway and you'll see the lore on a pile of bodies in the parking lot.

3. Calling Card "The Georgetown Sniper"

Start the mission "Hell or High Water" in the Central Georgetown section of the map.

This one's the easiest to find. Make your way through the map and at the end to where players must pick up water purifier parts inside of the laundromat, just look left of the bus stop by the gate to the enemy camp:

4. Calling Card "Gary"

Start the mission "Doctor's Orders" in the Foggy Bottom section of the map.

Make your way through the mission, deal with all the mall stuff, and just before you exit the mall at the end through the gate-esque doors, look under the escalators at the back. You'll see poor Gary leaning up against some sandbags. That's where you'll find the lore:

5. Bridger's Map

Now that you have the three calling cards left behind by Kirk Warren, head back to Eckington Camp and speak to Bridger again. Then, just to the left of her in the little office you'll see the next bright and shiny lore item:

6. Kirk's Goodbye

Start the mission "The Last Stop" in the Dupont Circle section of the map.

Play through the mission, and after the subway section (if you get the Emergency Exit path, you won't be able to find the lore. Restart), and after the coded puzzle you'll walk through a sewer-esque wet area and camp with lots of tents. This is where Bridger resided for a while. Stick to the left and follow it around until you see a fenced area with a locked gate (the lock can be of any random type). If none of your party members can open it up, you're out of luck.

Note: If you're playing with a friend, you can have whoever's not hosting, leave and rejoin with the correct equipment to unlock the door.

Be sure to read Kirk Warren's goodbye letter since it offers some interesting setup for the future. He's not necessarily dead and could show up in future seasons of OVERKILL's The Walking Dead. The weapon he leaves behind, the M4, is the gun Bridger starts with so it all ties together nicely.

Enjoy playing as the new Tactician!

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