Overkill's The Walking Dead Gets Another Awesome Cinematic Trailer

After years of speculation and waiting, Overkill is finally poised to release The Walking Dead, a survival video game based on Robert Kirkman's zombie comic and TV universe - and a recently released trailer introduces gamers to a new playable character.

Overkill's The Walking Dead game will focus on four playable characters as they attempt to navigate the aftermath of a zombie outbreak in Washington, D.C. Each character will have different story arcs and skill sets, suiting to their personalities. The Walking Dead's first character trailer introduced players to a businessman named Aiden, who he seems to come alive when fighting the walker hordes. Aiden lines them up and takes them all out one by one with his trusty baseball bat. The second character trailer introduced Maya, a former surgeon who witnessed the early horrors of the outbreak before being forced to put down a former colleague. Maya doesn't take to the apocalypse as quickly as Aiden and appears to be struggling with her trauma. And now, Overkill is introducing players to yet another character: Grant.

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Overkill's The Walking Dead trailer introduces Grant, an older survivor who spent his retirement hunting in the woods. This likely means Grant's character will come with a highly developed shooting skill set. While he's obviously well-suited to the dangers of the outbreak, and shows no signs of distress or fear even when surrounded by a horde of zombies, Grant doesn't come without his own demons. You can watch the trailer in the section above.

Grant is seen scavenging through an abandoned vehicle in the trailer. He finds a bottle of alcohol and a photo of a young girl, the perfect combination for a sad stroll down memory lane. Grant tells the walker sitting in the driver's seat next to him all about his granddaughter. She's smart, she's creative, she's the apple of his eye. Grant then takes out the walker, attracting the attention of a group of other zombies nearby, before promising his granddaughter that he will find her, eventually.

The video is gorgeously rendered and is full of tiny details that help to bring its world of devastation to life. Debris litters the streets and each zombie is in a different state of decay. Even Grant's eyeglasses have a chink in them, a realistic obstacle a near-sighted survivor would likely have to face during the zombie apocalypse. If the gameplay itself features as much attention to detail as the cinematic trailer, then players will surely be in for an interesting ride.

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Overkill's The Walking Dead is set to release in fall 2018.

Source: Starbreeze

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