Overboard Remake Gets a Spring 2018 Release Date

The Overboard remake finally has a release date and it’s slated to hit movie theaters next year. Anna Faris and Eugenio Derbez are taking the leads in this gender-swapping remake of Garry Marshall’s 1987 comedy classic. Bob Fisher and Rob Greenberg are the writer/directors for the new Overboardwhich tells the story of a spoiled yacht owner who is thrown overboard and is targeted for revenge by his former employee.

In the original Overboard, Goldie Hawn plays a wealthy heiress who suffers amnesia, after falling off her yacht, and is made to believe by her former employee (played by Kurt Russell) that she is his wife and mother to his four children. In the new version, Derbez will play a wealthy Mexican playboy and Faris a single working class mother and “mistreated employee,” who gets revenge by taking advantage of his amnesiac state.

The film began shooting in Vancouver in May and boasts a decent supporting cast, featuring the likes of Eva Longoria, John Hannah and Swoosie Kurtz. Derbez, known for writing, starring in and directing the 2013 Spanish-language movie, Instructions Not Included, will also produce Overboard along with Ben Odell. As confirmed by Deadline, this new version of Overboard is now set to hit theaters on April 20th, 2018.

The film’s April 20th release date means Overboard will be going up against two other comedies - The Pact and Tully - as well as Dwayne Johnson’s sci-fi action/adventure and video game adaptation, Rampage. In other word, Overboard will be facing some stiff competition at the box office, when it arrives.

Kurt Russell Goldie Hawn Overboard
Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn in the original Overboard

Overboard is one of many ‘80s comedies being revamped for a modern audience and follows in the footsteps of 2016’s Ghostbusters, which also featured a gender-swap for its main characters. There certainly won’t be as much pressure on this Overboard retelling as there was for Paul Feig’s reboot -  though in the wake of the negative critical response to the Baywatch movie this past May, there will be all the more pressure on Fisher and Greenberg to take a sexist and anti-female independence story and make it into a more empowering one, for a modern-day audience.

Switching the genders of the lead roles will certainly help to achieve that, as in this day and age there’s something rather sinister about an independently-minded woman tricked into becoming an indentured servant to a man, who she develops Stockholm Syndrome-esque feelings for. But with Faris positioned as the working class, single mother hero and Derbez, the selfish millionaire who gets to see life through an unpampered lens, Overboard could well become a worthy new addition to the rom-com genre.

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Source: Deadline

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