Columbia Pictures Goes 'Overboard' with Jennifer Lopez

All I have to say is F-I-N-A-L-L-Y!  Finally someone recognized the epic comedic chops that Latin pop singer with a bodacious booty, Jennifer Lopez, possess.  Sure, she had her shot at comedy in Monster in Law, Out of Sight, Maid in Manhattan, The Wedding Planner, Jersey Girl , and Gigli (“Gobble Gobble”). And sure, each of those could be considered a waste of valuable celluloid; but I think Lopez is about to hit the comedy nail on the head with this latest announcement.

Columbia pictures, in association with Sony Pictures and Overbrook Entertainment, has tapped J-Lo to headline their remake of the 1987 film, Overboard.

Columbia must really see something in J-Lo’s ability to make people laugh because others, including me, do not see it. Each of her past comedic efforts has fallen flat; I have no doubts whatsoever that her upcoming film The Back-up Plan will be yet another fine notch in her almost-full comedy belt *eye roll*.

OK, so I’m retching right now but seriously, J-Lo is about as funny to watch as a live colonoscopy.

Overbrook Entertainment lost a bet and will be producing Overboard along with Will Smith (Ali), who obviously doesn’t have enough to do in his life right now. Adam Cooper and Bill Collage, who wrote the mildly amusing Accepted, will put their pens together once again to write the script. Joining Smith in his quest for mediocrity will be Overbrook partner, James Lassiter.

The original Overboard starred Kurt Russell as a single father of four rowdy sons, who works as a repairman on a luxury yacht owned by Goldie Hawn. Hawn is a stuck up elitist who must have everything her way. When Russell refuses to give in to her tirades, Hawn fires him. When Hawn falls off the boat and gets amnesia, Russell takes advantage of her by convincing her they are married and has her take care of all his household chores, including cleaning up after his four bratty kids.

Overboard wasn’t a huge financial success by any means, only making about $25 million in its entire theatrical run, so maybe it’s a decent candidate for a remake. Notice  I said “MAYBE."  There are plenty of other projects out there that should be done first but, alas, Hollywood is just going to keep serving leftovers instead of making steak for dinner, simply because it’s easier.

There hasn’t been any mention of what changes have been made to the original script but I’ll go on record now and speculate that Lopez will play the part of Russell as the woman scorned by a snobby New Yorker man who gets amnesia and gets conned by Lopez to act as her husband.

I’m not completely against Jennifer Lopez as an actress; her work in Selena is still one of my favorite biopics about a musician, but I wish she would just stick to more dramatic roles - or, even better, no roles at all.  Sometimes you have to just stick with what you know – no one sees me out trying to be a professional wrestler just because I want to expand my abilities.

I’m pretty sure I know what your thoughts are about Jennifer Lopez starring in an Overboard remake, but go ahead and tell them to me anyways in the comments section.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter, Pajiba

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