Outsiders Season 2 Episode 13 Ended The Show On A Huge Cliffhanger

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Outsiders season 2 episode 13 "Unbroken Chain" ended the show on several big cliffhangers. Outsiders was an original drama series from WGN America, who also produced Salem, and followed the clash of cultures between a group of outsiders and a small Kentucky town. This clan has lived outside of society for generations, but drama comes in the form of a coal company looking to evict them from the mountain they live on, and the return of a family member after a decade away.

While Outsiders was never a huge ratings success, it featured great writing and a top-notch ensemble, including David Morse, Gillian Alexy, and Ryan Hurst (Sons Of Anarchy). The show featured some shocking twists too, including the deaths of some major characters. Unfortunately for fans of the series, WGN America cancelled it before the season 2 finale in 2017. While fans took to social media to ask for it to be renewed or picked up by another platform, it appears unlikely Outsiders season 3 will happen.

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Creator Peter Mattei (Clarissa Explains It All) later revealed work had begun on season 3, but it appears Outsiders season 2 episode 13 "Unbroken Chain" will serve as the show's final episode. The series was gearing up for some major drama in season 3, with the second season ending with several major stories unresolved.

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Chief among these was the Farrell clan needing a new leader. The fan-favorite choice was Ryan Hurst's Lil Foster, but he seemed to have gone tired of the endless infighting and instead wanted to run away with G’Win. He asked her to leave with him so they could raise their forthcoming baby together in peace, but she refused. Hasil (Kyle Gallner, A Nightmare On Elm Street) later joins the clan to plant bombs on some war machines One Planet was plotting to deploy against them, but he's shot and badly wounded during the raid.

Big Foster (David Morse, Blindspot) still makes the plan work by planting dynamite on a nearby dam, which floods and destroys the gear. Elsewhere in Outsider season 2 episode 13, Sheriff Wade takes Hasil to a nurse though his fate is left unclear. Wade also finds himself in trouble when Matt Meyers finds evidence he helped Lil Foster escape from jail in a previous episode, suggesting his career is done. The episode ends with the Farrell clan once again fighting over leadership issues, with a showdown between them and the coal company almost inevitable, when G'Win going into labor.

Outsiders season 3 apparently would have found the Farrell clan in full on conflict with One Planet, and the dirty deeds of the company itself would have been exposed. Sadly, Outsiders season 2 episode 13 stopped the story on the cusp of some big developments, and while there's always a small chance the show could continue in some form, fans will probably never know what happens next.

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