Exclusive: Watch This Big Deleted Scene From Netflix's Outlaw King

In a Screen Rant exclusive deleted scene from Netflix's Outlaw King, Robert the Bruce (Chris Pine) is attacked by English soldiers and manages to escape to safety after an exciting chase through the rugged Scottish countryside. The historical epic directed by David Mackenzie (Hell or High Water) began streaming on Netflix on November 9th. It also stars Florence Pugh (Malevolent) as Robert's wife Elizabeth, and Stephen Dillane (Game of Thrones) as King Edward I of England.

The highly-anticipated Outlaw King premiered at this year's Toronto International Film Festival but received a mixed reception. Critics took issue with the film's length and pacing, which prompted Mackenzie to return to the editing bay and cut 20 minutes out of the film. The director omitted complete action sequences from the first and third act of the film as well as some minor characters (including William Wallace, who Mel Gibson played in his Oscar-winning classic Braveheart). Mackenzie's goal was to tighten the film, hoping that the characters would become more accessible to the audience.

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The exclusive deleted scene, which can be viewed below, seems to occur late in Outlaw King, roughly around the 90-minute mark. After he and his army are ambushed at their camp by the English, Robert fled with a group of his knights. Meanwhile, his wife Elizabeth and his daughter Marjorie are taken prisoner and brought to England. The new scene is set after Robert has decided to stop running and rally his army to confront the English, which led to the film's climactic Battle at Loudoun Hill.

In the deleted scene, Robert and his men, including James "The Black" Douglas (Aaron Taylor Johnson) are ambushed by English troops led by Aymer de Valance (Sam Spruell). They chase Robert and his men, forcing them to split up, with the Englishmen following the Outlaw King and James the Black. Desperate to escape, Robert and James wade into a dangerous river, where they nearly drown before they take off their heavy chainmail. After being carried by the river and surviving the rocks and waterfalls, Robert is separated from James but manages to take refuge in a cave. At his lowest point of sheer exhaustion, Robert builds a fire and has an emotional breakdown when remembers the words Elizabeth told him - "I choose you". The scene then cuts to Elizabeth, who has been held in a cage hanging outside a castle in England. The defiant queen pours her bucket of urine on the men taunting her below.

The scene then reverts back to Robert, who sees a spider crawling on his web, which inspires him to make his next move. This moment synchs up nicely to the controversial nude scene by Chris Pine because that's the point in the film where, after reuniting with his closest friends, Robert decides that it's time for the Scottish army to fight the English army out in the open. When his knights protest, pointing out that the English cavalry will ride right through them, Robert replies, "Let them. We'll be ready. We'll be like the spider and its web."

It's understandable why Mackenzie eliminated this six-minute long chase scene at this late point in the film, but the moment where Robert sees the spider's web does add a compelling bit of context and nuance to Robert's analogy. Moreso, it's a shame that the sequence was cut considering the stark beauty of the Scottish highlands in the film. The actors are clearly performing the action in the scenes so it's unfortunate that their hard work was left on the cutting room floor, but losing the sequence was ultimately the best move for Outlaw King's final cut.

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Outlaw King is available to stream on Netflix.

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