10 Outlander Storylines That Still Haven't Been Resolved

There’s still little known about the upcoming season of Outlander. Reports say the fifth season will debut sometime in early 2020, and the cast has already informed fans via social media they’ve begun filming.

Last year, Starz CEO Chris Albrecht confirmed the show had been renewed, saying, "fans can rest assured their beloved Claire and Jamie will be back facing new challenges, adversaries, and adventures in seasons five and six as we delve into American history and continue the story of the Frasers as they settle in the New World.”

While we may not know many details of the upcoming season’s plotline, there are still many stories the show has yet to resolve. From broken romances to questions that have us on the edge of our seat, fans are preparing for anything and everything this season. Knowing the show, it’s likely that someone will die or they’ll be at least one baby joining the family. In this article, we take a look at some of the storylines the show still hasn’t cleared up. There are tons of questions that fans were left with after the most recent season finale, so we’ll be thoroughly disappointed if we don’t get the answers we’re looking for.

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10 Are Roger and Brianna Back Together?

Roger and Brianna went through a lot last season.  Though we’re supposed to forgive Roger for his slip-ups, especially after what he went through being thrown into slavery, it’s unclear if he’s still a fan favorite or not. But what’s even more unclear is if he and Brianna are actually together.

He seemed reluctant to marry her knowing her son could’ve been fathered by someone else. But, even before that, Brianna herself seemed resistant to getting hitched so soon. Then there’s the issue that her dad and cousin sold Roger, which would be a hard thing to look past. Only time will tell if this couple actually gets back together or not.

9 Did Fergus and Marsali Get Away Successfully?

Marsal and Fergus were the ones driving the get-away carriage after the gang blew up the prison. Though the finale episode showed them driving away successfully with the others hidden in the back, we didn’t get a confirmation that they reached safety.

For all we know, next season could start off with them in captivity. It took a while for fans to accept Marsali given that she was Laoghaire’s daughter and her relationship with Fergus seemed rushed. However, now that the two are married with a baby, we can’t help but root for them. On another note, where the heck was their baby when they were making their getaway?

8 Is Bonnet Alive Or Not?

After he assaulted Brannan and terrorized Jamie and Claire, most fans didn’t want Stephen Bonnet to survive the season. However, the end of season four left it unclear if the criminal was still on the loose or not. There’s a very real chance he could have died in the prison explosion… but it’s also equally as likely that he narrowly escaped and will be back to wreak havoc.

Considering that he knows Brianna’s child is likely his, we wouldn’t put it past the show writers to have Bonnet come back and stir up drama between Briana and Roger. We just wish we hadn’t been left on such a cliff hanger!

7 Who Is The Father Of Brianna’s Child?

One of the biggest questions fans want to have answered in Outlander’s fifth season is about the paternity of Brianna’s son. The fact that Bonnet could be the father was the whole reason Roger almost left her, though he seems more comfortable with the idea nowadays.

The paternity question caused a lot of drama last season, and, assuming Bonnet is still alive and kicking, it doesn’t seem like this storyline is anywhere close to being wrapped up. But, given that DNA tests didn’t exist back then, will we ever get a true confirmation?

6 What Happened After Ian Joined The Mohawks?

Perhaps one of the surprising moments of last season’s finale was when Ian decided to join the Mohawks in exchange for Roger. Luckily, Ian is likely at an advantage compared to roger, who could barely survive their captivity. Ian has quickly learned the language after his experiencing trading with the natives and he’s also more accustomed to their culture.

We’d love to see him fully join their tribe, which may provide useful allies later next season. Yet, at the same time, his transition may not be all that smooth, especially since their prisoners don’t have a high rate of survival.

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5 Will They Get Pulled Into The Revolution?

Season four kept dancing around the uprising of the American Revolution. As much as they tried to just lead a calm, drama-free life, it was clear that Jamie and Claire were quickly being pulled back into politics. So, fans remain curious as to how the show will deal with this.

We don’t know if we could have a repeat of the Battle of Culloden; too many of our favorite characters died, and it was heartbreaking seeing Jamie and Claire separated under such circumstances. While we’d love to see our favorite couple lead a quiet life in the Americas, that just seems too good to be true.

4 What’s Going On Between Murtagh and Aunt Jocasta?

Fans were definitely surprised when it was revealed late into season four that Murtagh and Aunt Jocasta were having a fling. Considering Murtagh has long been in love with her sister, aka Jamie’s mother, it felt a bit weird that he was now romancing Jocasta. It was pretty clearly implied the two had a tryst in the past, too. Murtagh has never had love on the show and Jocasta is fierce and spunky, so fans definitely wouldn’t mind seeing these two together. But, since happy endings seem few and far between on Outlander, we should be prepared for anything.

3 Is Laoghaire Gone For Good?

While it seems unlikely that we’ll see Laoghaire again given that she’s in the highlands while the others are in the Americas, we don’t put anything past this character. She must be fuming not only because her husband Jamie chose Claire over her once again, but also because her eldest daughter followed them overseas and is now married.

The Laoghaire storyline never felt completely finished since, if memory serves correctly, Jamie is still supposed to pay her alimony. We’re such Marsali would love to see her mom and vice versa, so perhaps Laoghaire will make a trip in the near future.

2 Will Briana Return To The Future?

Briana and her mother Claire had a brief conversation when she was pregnant last season about the likelihood of her returning through the stones. Claire said she was unsure if she would be able to take her child with her, which means Brianna may have no choice but to stay in the past.

On the other hand, we have no reason to believe Brianna meant to stay in the past permanently; she only went to warn her parents of their impending deaths. She may also wonder what kind of life she can give her child in the 18th century versus the 20th. Even more, who knows if Roger would be happy staying there permanently? He could be eager to get home, too.

1 Will They Ever Return To The Highlands?

It was cool in season four to see what America looked like at the beginning of colonization. However, we’d be lying if we said we didn’t miss the rolling highlands that became a feature of Outlander in its first three seasons. We’d love to see Claire, Jamie, and their family return to Europe, especially if it means we get to check-in on Ian, Jenny, and their brood of children.

After the Battle of Culloden, the highlands clearly wouldn’t be the same as they once were. But we’ll be disappointed if our favorite characters only stick to one continent this coming season.

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