25 Things Only Super Fans Knew About Outlander

There are so many elements in Outlander that tie the whole thing together; there's something for everyone, making it one of the most addicting —and best— shows on television.  There is typically something about it for everybody to enjoy. With romance, history, action, adventure, and much more to dive into, it easily sucks people in.  Because of this, the show has gained a very large and very dedicated fanbase.

Those who read the books before the TV already know plenty about the story, but regardless, even the most knowledgable and dedicated fans have most likely missed things that occurred in the show over the past four seasons. Whether they were fun easter eggs left there by the crew, or references you didn't quite catch, there is typically something you may have missed in an any given episode.

With Outlander having so much go on in a single episode, let alone over the course of an entire season, it's easy to miss important details here and there. But that's where we come in. There are plenty of behind-the-scenes tidbits and details missed that we have compiled in this list.  This way, any Outlander fan can go back and rewatch their favorite episodes and catch things they might have not seen before. This will be especially helpful now that we are in a Droughtlander once again.

Here are the 25 Things Only Super Fans Knew About Missed In Outlander.

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25 The Season 4 Premiere Is Way Different From The Books

In the fourth book in the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon, Drums of Autumn, Stephen Bonnet shows his true thieving, pirating ways when he attacks Jamie and Claire and the rest of their crew.

But what makes matters worse in the premiere of season 4, is that Bonnet steals Claire’s most prized-possession - her wedding ring from Jamie.

In the books, though, he steals her ring from Frank, not Jamie. Executive producer, Ron Moore, explained their decision: "The plain gold band wouldn’t be noticeable as like, ‘Oh that’s clearly my mother’s ring,’ whereas the other one clearly would. So that’s kind of why we made that change.”  This refers to Brianna finding the ring later on.

24 They Made Frank More Likable In The TV Series

Let’s face it, even if we felt bad for Frank at times, he was never going to measure up to Jamie.  Which was why it was easy, to us at least, that Claire picked Jamie over Frank time and time again.

But in the books, it was even easier, because Frank was less likable.  See, in season 3, we find out that Frank is in love with another woman named Sandy, who he had been carrying on an affair with for years.  Yet, in the books, he just has a number of interactions with unnamed women throughout his entire marriage to Claire.

This change from the books to tv screens made him more sympathetic than the book version of himself.

23 There Were A Lot Of Parallels Between “A. Malcom” And "The Wedding” Episodes

All anyone was waiting for during season 3 was the reunion between our hero and heroine, Jamie and Claire Fraser, after having been apart for twenty years.  While it was already special to fans because their favorite couple was back in each other’s arms once again, there were little details, too, that made it even more special.

From the shared meal to the hesitancy and awkwardness at times to their effortless passion when they’re intimately together, there were nods everywhere to the first time they were together.

22 Claire Did Know Jamie’s Full Name Before Marrying Him

In what is arguably the fan favorite episode of season 1 (and probably the entire Outlander series), "The Wedding", Claire is understandably very nervous before marrying Jamie. She tells him before the ceremony that she can’t marry him because she doesn’t know his real name.

This isn’t actually true, though, since in the previous episode, "The Garrison Commander," Claire reads the marriage contract that not only lists her full name, but Jamie’s as well.

Maybe it was just her nerves forgetting that information, but it definitely was there on the contract.

21 Claire’s Wardrobe In Season 3 Had A Nod To Season 1

Fans of Outlander may have noticed something familiar about Claire’s wardrobe on The Artemis in season 3.  There was one look, in particular, that was reminiscent of the Claire 20 years prior.

She was wearing a white blouse with a billowing skirt that was belted at the waist.

She wore a very similar ensemble back in Scotland in season 1 when the Frasers traveled to Lallybroch for the very first time.  This was not only a nod to the younger Claire, but showed that Claire in season 3 was becoming herself again with Jamie by her side.

20 Roger (Richard Rankin)Actually Sang In The Scottish Festival Scene

Richard Rankin plays the charming Scot, Roger Wakefield, who steals Brianna’s heart.  Turns out the man behind the role has many talents, since he performed his own songs during the Scottish Festival scene in season 4.  Not many knew that, though.  

And apparently, Rankin even annoyed his castmates with his incessant rehearsing beforehand.

He told Entertainment Tonight, "I basically spent every minute of every day learning to play that track and it drove the crew nuts, so that was fun.”

19 Jamie’s Print Shop Has The Original Book Hidden In It

It’s always fun when there are easter eggs as little nods to the dedicated fanbase of a popular show or movie.  That’s exactly what author Diana Gabaldon did for her fans when she arranged for a copy of Drums of Autumn to be on a shelf in Jamie’s famous print shop.

Drums of Autumn is, of course, what season 4 is based on.

It was hidden very well, but eagle-eyed fans were able to make it out.  It made the long-awaited reunion between Jamie and Claire that much sweeter.

18 Sam Heughan Actually Operated The Real Printing Presses In Season 3

Sam Heughan isn't considered a "method actor" but he did get very specific training to perform an integral part of the print shop reunion scene.

See, part of getting Jamie’s print shop perfect was having production designers masterfully design the set, that included two working print presses.

And while some superfans may know this already, it is not common knowledge that Sam Heughan, our very own Jamie Fraser, learned how to operate the presses himself for his scenes in the shop.  That in itself is very impressive.

17 There Was A Literary Connection To An Episode In Season 4

In episode 10 of season 4, “The Deep Heart’s Core”, there was actually a literary origin connected with the episode’s title.

It comes from “The Lake Isle of Innisfree,” which is a poem by William Butler Yeats.

This was quoted in the book by Brianna to Jamie when she mentions her father, Frank, reciting the poem while watching Claire garden.  However, though it was supposed to be quoted in the episode as well, it ended up not being used after editing.

16 Black Sails Was Featured In Season 3 (Sort Of)

No, this wasn’t your typical television show crossover.  But for those who watch both Black Sails and Outlander, each of which are on Starz, you may have noticed that the ships used in the pirate drama were the very same ones used for several scenes throughout season 3 of Outlander.

Executive producer, Matthew Roberts, was quoted as saying, “I watched a lot of clips from Black Sails ‘cause I didn’t want to repeat anything.”

Luckily, the ships seemed authentic to the Outlander storyline rather than repeating a story from Black Sails.

15 Claire Has Had Previous Ensembles Repurposed For Later Seasons

At the Governor’s Ball in Jamaica in season 3, Claire is seen wearing a gorgeous yellow ballgown to the event.  But there were things about it that seemed oddly familiar, and for good reason.

It turned out that the gown was a repurposed gown of Claire’s from her time in Versailles with Jamie in season 2.

This was because in the 18th-century, historically women like Claire would have clothes for a lifetime.  They would often repurpose their clothing rather than going out to buy a new one.  

14 The Print Shop Set Was Used Before

A lot of hard work, time, and dedication went into not only the making of the Print Shop episode, but also into the set itself.  But it was not bare bones to begin with.

Initially, this set was used for a specific purpose in season 2.  This was when Jamie and Claire had their adventures in France, and Claire went to visit Master Raymond at his Paris apothecary.

When you really look at the sets, you see some of the similarities, as well as a lot of the new additions to the set.

13 A Historical Inaccuracy In “La Dame Blanche”

In season 2, episode 4, Jamie and Claire are trying to distract potential supporters and investors in Prince Charles’ war effort, so what do they do?  Why, throw an outlandish party, of course.

But during this dinner party, their guest, Louise, asks if anyone there had attended Lully’s opera, ‘Acis et Galatée’.  The problem here is it would be an out of date opera in the 1740s, since it was performed for the first time back in 1686.  That would make it highly unlikely to be a hot topic for a dinner party.

12 Something From The Parisian Brothel In Season 2 Was On The Artemis

Who could forget the scenes from the brothel in Paris where Jamie frequently had to meet Bonnie Prince Charlie?  For fans who can spot an easter egg a mile away, they may have noticed this connection to the brothel featured on The Artemis in season 3.

The ship’s figurehead is from the Parisian brothel Prince Charles frequented.

This was decided because when designing the sets, they felt the statue looked like a masthead, and were able to repurpose it for season 3 while also giving the fans a fun easter egg to look for.

11 Symbolism In Alexander Malcolm’s Print Shop Sign

Outlander is known for its symbolism throughout the series.  That’s why it makes perfect sense that in the most important episode of season 3, where Jamie and Claire reunite at his print shop, there would be symbolism front and center.

On Alexander Malcom’s - a.k.a. Jamie Fraser’s - print shop sign, there were symbols featured at the top of the sign that are two opposing symbols: Jupiter and Saturn.  This would be representative of Claire and Jamie.  Meanwhile, in the middle there are the Freemason square and compass, that would let other Masons easily identify Jamie as one of their own.

Even Clan Fraser is represented with a strawberry blossom in the top corners of the sign.

10 Filming For Season 4 Took Place In Scotland, Not North Carolina

Season 4 had everything to do with Jamie and Claire settling down and creating a home together like they’ve always wanted from the very beginning of their relationship, and they did this in North Carolina.

But what some may not know is that they didn’t do any filming in North Carolina, but rather created sets in Scotland to resemble the landscape of North America, and North Carolina, specifically.  They also used stock shots of North America, occasionally, for authenticity.

There are, in fact, a lot of similarities between the woods and landscapes in Scotland to those in North Carolina.

9 Jenny Was Missing In Season 4 For A Reason

Jenny Murray is Jamie’s older sister, Claire’s sister-in-law, and also Brianna’s aunt. But Brianna never got to meet her like she did her Uncle Ian in episode 7, “Down The Rabbit Hole.”

It was disappointing to some fans, who were hoping that Jenny would finally get to meet her biological niece after all this time.

Her absence occurred for a very good reason, though.  The actress who plays Jenny, Laura Donnelly, was busy with acting on Broadway in “The Ferryman.”

8 The Strong Meaning Behind “Bakra”

Geillis Duncan was Claire’s friend turned foe from season 1 to season 3, and by the time we saw her again in Jamaica, she had become quite the villain.

She would keep young boys in her servitude, until she had her fill, and ended them.  One of these young boys was none other than Jamie’s nephew, Young Ian.  

The boys would refer to Geillis as the “Bakra”, which was never given a definition in the show, but means “boss” or “master” in Jamaican Patois.  This fits Geillis' new persona perfectly.

7 Claire And Jamie Share The Same Line In Season 3

At the beginning of season 3, we see Jamie in the Battle of Culloden.  When we see him lying in the field after the infamous battle, he utters the line, “I was dead” as he narrates.

This is the exact same line we hear Claire speak in the same season, during the finale when she’s drowning in the ocean in the middle of a hurricane.

The two seem to share more than just their love for one another, but also a way of thinking.

6 The Bath Geillis Takes Was Inspired By Dracula

The tension-filled and intense scene featuring Geillis and Young Ian was one that was much-talked about from season 3.  Geillis is speaking to him as she bathes in a red bath.

This scene was not originally in the books, but was inspired by another famous tale.  Executive Producer, Matthew Roberts said he was inspired by Bram Stoker’s Dracula, as well as historical figure, Countess Elizabeth Báthory de Ecsed. 

She was a 16th-century woman who was rumored to bathe like this to retain her youthful look.  The similarities between these characters and Geillis is quite uncanny.

5 Marsali Took Jenny’s Line In Season 4

Jenny Murray, Jamie's fiery and equally stubborn sister, may have been absent from season 4, but a famous line that was originally her's went to another character on the show, instead.

In Dragonfly In Amber, Jenny says to Jamie, “I’d rather have a whole man than not have him at all.”  The quote from the second book was said about her husband, Ian.

But Marsali says this exact line to Murtagh about Fergus to get him to try to fight with the Regulators.  It had the same sentiment, and was said by a woman just as strong as our Jenny.

4 The Casablanca Reference In Season 3

When Geillis and Claire first reunite at the Governor’s Ball in Jamaica in season 3, after twenty years apart, mind you, Geillis quotes something only Claire would know.

She walks up to Claire and says, “Of all the gin joints in all the world.”  This is a direct quote from the classic 1942 film, Casablanca, that starred Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman.

This was a blink and you might miss it reference, but was there nonetheless.  And Claire certainly understood the pop culture reference.

3 The Synchronicity Between Jamie And Claire Before Their Reunion

There’s no denying that Jamie and Claire are soulmates who have a passion and love for one another that knows no bounds.  That also includes their ability to always be perfectly in sync with each other, even while apart.

In episode six of season 3, Jamie walks up to his print shop and stops to wipe the dust off the sign.  In the episode just before that, Claire did the exact same movement when walking up to his shop and touching the sign.

This was what occurred not long before their famous reunion, showing their love is as strong as ever.

2 The Season 4 Finale —Yeah, With The Fire— Was A Real Stunt

In the season 4 episode, “Providence,” our beloved Roger Wakefield witnesses a horror he won’t soon forget.

At the end of the episode, Roger has to watch on as a Cherokee woman throws herself into the flames where her lover and father of her child is tied to a burning stake.

According to executive producer, Matthew B. Roberts, the actor was, in fact, a stuntwoman in protective fireproof clothing who also had protective gel on her skin and hair.  That is true dedication to her craft.

1 Geillis Asks The Same Question To Claire Throughout The Series

Several times in season 1, Geillis Duncan repeatedly asks Claire, “Why are you here?”, while they are awaiting their witch trial at Crainsmuir.  This was because Geillis suspected Claire was a time traveler, just like herself.

In the season 3 finale, Geillis confronts Claire in the exact same way, but under completely different circumstances.  Now instead of being on the same side, they are fighting each other to survive.

This is a parallel between not only the two episodes, but the two women who were once friends and are now enemies.  Or were until Geillis’ demise.

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