Outlander: 10 Times The Show Broke Our Hearts

Outlander is a pretty emotional show to begin with, but here are ten moments that absolutely broke the hearts of fans everywhere.

We all recognize that Outlander is the time-traveling romantic drama which we desperately needed when it finally premiered in 2014. Claire and Jamie's love story has had many ups and, downs and the supporting characters of the hit series have also had their fair share of troubling times.

There have been so many moments throughout the show's four seasons that have been absolutely heartbreaking and difficult to get over that it was hard to even think about the most gut-wrenching of them all, but we have done just that with this list of 10 Times Outlander Broke Our Hearts. Prepare to relive these tragic moments and make sure you get those tissues ready.

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10 Jamie’s Lashings

The first real moment that Jamie and Claire felt a connection between each other was when Jamie confided in Claire his history with Blackjack Randall. He told her of how he was given lashings by the Captain three different times. Once at Lallybroch, when Jamie was trying to protect his sister from Randall, and the other two were back-to-back, while Jamie was his prisoner.

The scars run deep for Jamie, both physically and emotionally, and Claire was there to hear his story and be there for him, without pitying him. Regardless, it was truly heartbreaking to see Jamie go through something so horrific.

9 Learning Blackjack Randall Survived

It was difficult enough to see the torture Jamie underwent after being captured by Redcoat soldiers and then ending up in Randall’s grips once again. But after his night of torment, he was saved by his fellow Highlanders using a stampede as a distraction. Randall was thought to have died from the stampede in the prison, but while in France, Claire learned from his brother that he had indeed survived. It was devastating for her, and she immediately worried about Jamie and his reaction. Of course, he just wanted to end his life, but the thought that he was still out there able to hurt others was beyond upsetting.

8 Jamie And Claire Losing Faith

The first time Claire fell pregnant with Jamie’s child, their daughter was unfortunately not alive when Claire suddenly went into labor. Claire was absolutely heartbroken that their daughter hadn’t survived, especially because the stress of Jamie and Randall dueling is what caused the sudden labor to occur. Plus, Jamie was in jail during this entire ordeal, causing the situation to be that much more devastating. Once Jamie and Claire had to lay their daughter to rest, the Outlander fandom’s hearts collectively broke for them and the significant loss they had to suffer through.

7 Claire Leaving Jamie And Scotland Behind

In the season 2 finale, Claire had to do the seemingly impossible and leave her 18th-century Highlander husband, Jamie Fraser, and their home in Scotland behind. All of this was so she could return to her own time, escape the Battle of Culloden, and bring herself and her child to safety in the 20th-century.

Seeing the two lovers say their tearful and heart-stricken goodbyes, expecting to never see one another again, was hands down one of the most difficult moments of the entire series to watch. We had been rooting for their passionate and all-consuming love to beat the odds, and it felt like at that moment, all hope was lost.

6 Angus’ Untimely Death

Angus Mhor was the much-needed comic relief and loyal friend of both Jamie and Claire Fraser. The Highlander Scotsman was always there when needed; a fantastic friend to his best friend, Rupert, and was downright hilarious when it was desperately needed. So, after the Battle of Prestonpans, when he suffered a concussion and died rather tragically and suddenly, it broke all of his friend's hearts, particularly Rupert's. And, for fans of the fantasy drama, it felt like we, too, had lost one of our closest friends the moment Angus had his last scene. He was an irreplaceable character we are not soon to forget.

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5 Fergus Losing His Hand

Fergus is the French boy that Claire and Jamie took under their wing after Jamie came across him at the brothel he was growing up in Paris. He is extremely important to the Frasers and they have raised him as one of their own. Young Fergus had already been through a lot when, at 15, a Redcoat soldier came across him as he was going to visit Jamie. Since Jamie was a wanted man, Fergus was taunting them in hopes to steer them away from his adoptive father, and during that attempt, he lost his hand. While Fergus made it through the tragedy, it was incredibly sad to see him have to endure that type of torment.

4 Claire Leaving Bree Behind For Jamie

Claire was between a rock and a hard place when she had to decide whether to stay in her own time with her grown daughter, Bree, or to reunite with her long lost love, Jamie Fraser, in his own time.

After a lot of encouragement from her daughter, she decided to find him in Scotland in the 18th-century once again. While she had Bree's support, it didn't make the fact that she had to leave her daughter behind presumably forever just to be with Jamie once again any easier. Bree was clearly trying to be strong while mourning the loss of her mother and we felt for both of them in that moment.

3 The 20 Years Lost Between Jamie And Claire

After 20 years apart from one another, Jamie and Claire finally reunited in season 3 of Outlander. It was highly anticipated and felt like the sweetest payoff after two decades without one another. Yet, thinking about all of the lost time and missed moments they could have had was the most heartbreaking part of all of it. Not only that, but they didn't even have the opportunity to raise their daughter, Bree, together.

Instead, Claire was stuck in a loveless marriage with Frank, and Jamie had another child out of wedlock with a woman he barely knew. They couldn't get that time back which was the true tragedy of it all.

2 Bree And Roger’s Break-Up

Claire and Jamie’s daughter found love with Roger Wakefield after meeting him at Reverend Wakefield’s funeral. They had an on-again/off-again relationship, but once Roger followed her to the 18th-century through the stones at Craigh Na Dun, it felt like they were meant to be together.

The night they married and were together intimately for the first time, they also got into a huge fight that caused them to break-up. The worst part of it all is it led to Bree being attacked by Stephen Bonnet right after Roger left her alone.

1 The Robbery By Stephen Bonnet

In the season 4 premiere, Stephen Bonnet robs the Frasers, killing a companion of their’s and stealing their gems and other goods. While Jamie and Claire are not ones for possessions, some of have sentimental value for them, especially the ring Jamie had specially made for Claire twenty years prior when they were married. The ring was made from the key from Jamie’s home in Lallybroch. So, when Bonnet robbed them, Claire tried to save both of her wedding rings by swallowing them, but could only save one—Frank’s. The loss of her ring from Jamie was absolutely gut-wrenching for our heroine, as well as the Outlander fandom.

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