Outlander: 10 Times Jamie Was Actually A Jerk

Jamie has always been one of the biggest heroes in Outlander. Viewers first fell for him when he had no hesitation in marrying Claire to spare her life from the red coats. The undeniable chemistry and bond between Claire and Jamie made fans root even harder for the couple, especially seeing all of the trials and tribulations they overcame together.

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The brooding Scotts man proved time and time again just how selfless he was when it came not only to his relationship with Claire but how he treated his loved ones. Need proof? He convinced Claire to go back through the stones to save her and their unborn daughter, despite knowing he may never see them again. He treated Fergus like his own son and went out of his way countless times to save his life.

However, despite the many heroic things Jamie has done over the course of the show, it hasn’t all been good. The character has had moments where his morale fluctuated, whether it be when his need for revenge took precedent or he acted before thinking. Although  Jamie usually atones for his actions, that doesn’t mean he hasn’t had his a-hole moments.

10 He Beat Up & Sold Roger Into Slavery

Perhaps one of the biggest mistakes Jamie has ever made was when he beat up Roger and then subsequently sold him into slavery with the help of Little Ian. At the time, Jamie mistakenly believed Roger was the one who assaulted his daughter Brianna.

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However, in actuality, Roger was coming back to be with Bri after he learned what happened. Jamie quickly realized his mistake when his daughter found out, thus leading him to track down the Natives who were holding Roger captive. We bet Roger and Brianna haven’t fully forgiven Jamie for this slip-up.

9 When He Married Laoghaire Despite Everything She Did

Laoghaire has always been one of the most hated characters on the show. We get that she had major feelings for Jamie even before Claire came into the picture, but she should’ve just let things got when the two got married. Instead, she not only tried to seduce Jamie, but she even tried to have Claire burned at the stake.

So, it’s understandable why viewers were so outraged when they learned Jamie had married Laoghaire in Claire’s decades-long absence. He may have been lonely, but considering there are so many other women he could’ve married, it’s hard to forgive him for this.

8 And He Didn’t Tell Her When Claire Had Come Back

Not only was it bad enough that Jamie married Laoghaire, but the way he handled things when Claire came back made it all the worse. First, he failed to mention to Claire that he’d remarried before jumping back into bed with her. The lovers were interrupted when Laoghaire and her two daughters came bursting into the bedroom.

Jamie had also failed to tell Laoghaire that his first wife had returned, and when everything blew up in his face, it wasn’t even a question of whether he’d leave Laoghaire and her kids for Claire. Obviously, we’re glad that he and Claire ended up together, but he could’ve handled things more smoothly.

7 Everything He Said To Brianna When he Found Out She Was Pregnant

Jamie was absolutely horrible to his daughter Brianna when he discovered she was pregnant and unwed. Obviously, back in the 18th century, it was a lot more socially unacceptable to be with child while not married.

Jamie didn’t hold back in venting his frustration toward her, calling her all sorts of vulgar names. Once he realized she’d been assaulted, he was quick to apologize for his words, but the damage was already done. We’ll have to see next season if the father-daughter duo’s relationship can go back to the way it was before.

6 The Time He Used Corporal Punishment On Claire

One of the earliest questionable moments Jamie had was when he used corporal punishment on Claire. After wandering off from the group, Claire had been taken into custody by Black Jack Randall. Jamie and his men then had to conduct a dangerous rescue mission to save her.

However, things took a turn when Jamie said he needed to ‘punish’ Claire for disobeying his orders to stay close by. After a struggle between the two, he ends up whipping his wife’s behind with his belt in close earshot to the rest of their group.  Although Jamie maintained he needed to do it to prove his authority to his men, he did later apologize to Claire.

5 He Let His Obsession With Black Jack Randall Consume Him

It’s easy to understand why Jamie was so obsessed with Black Jack Randall. The army officer had been harassing him for years—no one can forget the scene where Randall whips a teenage Jamie to a bloody pulp, causing his father to have a heart attack after witnessing it.

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Especially after Randall has his way with Jamie in exchange for Claire’s life, we get why Jamie wanted revenge. However, the problem is that Jamie allowed his obsession to fully consume him. It clouded his judgment and swayed his decisions, leading to some pretty poor choices.

4 And Then He Fought Black Jack Against Claire’s Wishes

Some fans wonder how Claire managed to forgive Jamie after he dueled Black Jack Randall against her wishes. Dueling was illegal, so if the two were found out, they’d immediately got to jail. A heavily pregnant Claire rushed to be by her husband’s side when she realized what he was doing, yet as soon as she saw the men in hand-to-hand combat, she went into labor.

Claire tragically had a stillbirth while Jamie remained in jail for days, unable to be there for his grieving (and sick) wife. To this day, fans agree this is one of the saddest moments of the whole series.

3 His Wife Had To Use Her Body To Get Him Out Of Trouble

It was already bad enough that Jamie’s duel with Randall caused his wife to go into early labor and lose the baby. But in order to get him out of jail, Claire had to use desperate measures to convince the French King to let him go. And believe us, the King had an interesting way to negotiate.

Not only did he make Claire decide which of two men was a witch, thus leading to their deaths, but he also demanded payment in the form of her body. After an awkward encounter, Jamie was released from jail, though it’s unclear if he ever truly understood what his wife had to do.

2 He Keeps Going MIA From His Family

Jamie has a bad habit of going completely MIA on his family. When Jamie was wanted for murder in the first season, he hadn’t been to Lallybroch in years. Not only was his sister convinced he’d died, but he also didn’t even know that she’d married his best friend and had children.

Jamie only returned once he and Claire married so that he could resume his position as Lord, not because he felt bad that his family was unsure of his whereabouts. Likewise, he had no problem leaving them with no notice after the Battle of Culloden or when he and Claire decide to settle in the Americas.

1 He Let His Son Be Raised By Someone Else

Although we can understand why Jamie was unable to raise his son, William, as his own, it was still heartbreaking watching him leave the little boy for good. While working as hired help on an estate, Jamie impregnates one of the daughters, who later dies in childbirth. Her husband later dies in a skirmish, though he knew the boy wasn’t really his.

Lord John Grey and his wife, the sister of the deceased mom, step in as the boy’s parents. Though Jamie sticks around for the first few years of his son’s life, when their physical similarities become too apparent, he ends up hitting the road. When he and William are later reunited in America, it’s clear how much Jamie’s abandonment hurt the boy.

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