Outlander: 10 Hilarious Season 1 Memes Only A Sassenach Would Get

Now that we know we'll have to wait a little more than expected to be graced with the fifth season of Outlander, our hearts are a little broken. The adventures of our favorite time-traveling Englishwoman, her handsome Scottish husband, and their daughter Brianna have been keeping us on the edge of our seats for quite a while now. So, of course, fans will be anxiously awaiting more episodes in order to see what to expect from one of the strangest and most compelling families on television.

Thankfully, there are more than a few ways we can pass time while waiting for season five to finally hit our screens. There are four entire seasons we can rewatch and, of course, tons of hilarious memes to make us forget about the waiting for a while. And, on the topic of Outlander memes, there is no better time than the present to take a walk down memory lane. So, here are ten of the best season one memes to make you laugh hysterically in between rewatches!

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10 I Didn't Ask You Anything

Throughout the course of the show, Claire and Jamie have had to face their fair share of villains. They were all ruthless and despicable in their own way, just like any good villain ought to be. And, while Laoghaire wasn't exactly someone who can be compared to the likes of Jack Randall, she wasn't exactly a sweet innocent sugar cube.

Even though she seemed innocent enough when we first met her at the beginning of the first season, anyone who was already in love with the idea of Jamie and Claire wasn't having any of it. In the end, she showed her true colors and proved all the haters right. All in all, we just really wish she would've stopped talking. Like seriously, stop.

9 Why, Randall? Why?

Speaking of Captain Jack Randall, let's all take a solid minute to appreciate this hilarious meme. Claire's husband's ancestor was arguably the worst villain the show has seen to date, and, in a show like Outlander, that's saying quite a bit. His disgusting fixation with Jamie led him to perform despicable actions, all of which, including their aftermath, made for great television.

With this meme, in particular, we get a wonderful play on Jack's sadistic nature. Anyone who knows the character can be sure to sympathize with Claire... and pity Jamie for being the one who was unlucky enough to capture the attention of such a horrid man!

8 You Burn At The Stake! Everybody Burns At The Stake!

Can you imagine going back in time two centuries, only to find yourself in the midst of uneducated, god-fearing people who think medicine is witchcraft? Well, we surely can't. But we can definitely sympathize with poor Claire once more, who found herself being the victim of suspicion throughout pretty much the entirety of the first half of season one.

Things finally came down to a witch trial where she and Geillis stood accused of being witches. People back in the 18th century didn't have much they could entertain themselves with. Witch trials and burnings were probably the closest things to TV, so that's where all the enthusiasm stemmed from. Still horrible!

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7 Forget It, Frank

Frank is far from being considered one of the show's favorite characters. However, we have to hand it to the man; after his wife went missing, he kept searching for her. He even listened to the words of what everyone would assume to be a crazy woman and made his way to the rocks in a desperate attempt to find Claire.

Being Frank had to suck, honestly. He didn't know it back then, but his wife was now married to an 18th-century Scottish man, and she was well on her way to fall in love with him—deeply. Props to the police chief that called it before anyone else did. Turns out he was actually right!

6 You'll Be Hearing From My Lawyer

Let's try once more to put ourselves in Claire's shoes. You're just going about your life, strolling through the beautiful Scottish Highlands, when all of a sudden you travel back in time through some random stones. And the first person you see, in the midst of all your confusion, is your husband... dressed as a soldier.

Oh, and he tries to rape and kill you! Doesn't that sound just absolutely wonderful? Everything was already confusing as it was, can you imagine getting an evil doppelganger of someone who is close to you thrown into the mix? Honestly, sometimes, the more you think of it, the more it seems like Claire can't catch a break.

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5 She Will Cut Ye!

Many great characters made their way to the first season of the show, but none of them quite as badass as Jamie's brother, Jenny. When we first hear about hear, it's through one of her brother's flashbacks. And, throughout the whole thing, she seems like nothing more than an unremarkable, typical Scottish woman from the 18th century.

But when we finally do get to meet her, after Jamie takes Claire to his rightful home, boy do we get our bottoms served to us! This woman is true fire and courage. If there was anyone who could put Claire in her place, that's Jenny. Even homegirl Jennifer Lopez would think twice before talking back.

4 The Innuendos Are Strong On This One

Everybody watching the show and their dog gasped in shock once it was revealed Jamie was a virgin. Let's all be real for a minute here, the man is a beautiful specimen, and there was no lack of women interested in getting the chance to become his wife. However, and thankfully, the honor ended up being none other than Claire's.

Even though she wasn't exactly thrilled at first—becoming a bigamist and adulteress doesn't exactly sound fun—she eventually fell in love with him. But Jamie? Well, let's just say the lad already had his sights set on her even before marriage was a possibility. There was more chemistry there than in an entire laboratory.

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3 Let's Hear About Your Family

Jamie and Claire's wedding night was an extremely anticipated event, not just for all the Scottish people around, but for fans as well. How would it be for Jamie? And how would Claire feel cheating on the husband she left back in the 20th century? Would we get to see Jamie shirtless again?

There were plenty of questions to be answered, and the writers sure delivered! The episode was both hilarious, embarrassing, sensual, and endearing. Claire was even more nervous than her new husband... so much so that she kept finding ways to postpone the ordeal. And what better way to do it than to ask him about his mother?

2 Wanna Travel Back In Time?

One of the best things to come out of Outlander was the pickup lines. Inspired by the raw and less than romantic traits that characterize the Scottish, they swept the Internet and made every single fan laugh out loud. In particular, the ones involving Jamie Fraser himself, the character who made every soul in the world fall in love instantly.

The mere notion of Jamie actually telling Claire about the magic stones under his kilt is simply hilarious. And, while the scene didn't exactly come to the public, we like to think she agreed to try and shoot her shot. We know she didn't make it back instantly... but she did have one happy marriage!

1 Put A Ring On It

We're not exaggerating when we say that everyone who watched the show fell in love with Jamie Fraser. In all honesty, Claire was probably the one who took the longest, and that's only because she was still holding on to the hopes of coming back to her own time, her own husband, and her own life.

Stranger marriages have happened before. Even though this one happened out of necessity, it soon became one of true love. And, honestly, can you even blame Claire Fraser? Two seconds in the presence of Jamie and there's not a shred of doubt to be had. The man is husband material, from the head to toe.

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