Outlander: 10 Things We Want To See In Season 5

Time travel drama Outlander is set to enter season 5. From romance between Claire and Jamie and a return of Stephen Bonnet, here's what we want to see

Following the Fraser clans happy ending at the end of Season 4, viewers can expect an action-packed season 5. This season is based on The Fiery Cross, the fifth novel in Diana Gabaldon’s series.

It's only natural to want a happy ending for all of the characters and a good turn of events. Still, some unexpected challenges will arise in Season 5, along with all the bells and whistles of good surprises which will make this a season to remember for Outlander fans. Here are just 10 of the things which viewers can hope to see in Outlander Season 5:

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10 Wedding bells are ringing!

Marriage is on the cards for Brianna and Roger and this is expected to be a fine Scottish gathering, tartan and all! Viewers have spent many episodes wondering about the couple's tumultuous relationship so the wedding should come as somewhat of a relief.

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It is also expected to be a feast for the eyes. It will be good to see Roger and Brianna looking at their absolute best and finally taking the step towards a unified couple.

9 Stephen Bonnet returns

The infamous Stephen Bonnet returns to terrorize the Frasers once again. There is a prison explosion and while many believe Bonnet to have perished in this blast, along with other criminals, the Frasers become aware that he has in fact survived – to their dismay.

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Much effort is spent by the ardent family in Season 5 trying to find and kill the villainous man. Will there be a showdown between Bonnet and the Fraser clan? Fans hope to see the Frasers finally get complete justice and vindication. Season 5 will reveal all.

8 An end to time travel - for now

Time travel has colored the show's narrative to this point. There is the past, the present and the future and all the mystery and intrigue these have to offer in the characters’ lives, and fans have taken a bumpy ride, at times, across the different timelines.

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However, in Season 5, time stands still, with the focus being on the past. This presents a fresh alternative for viewers, as opposed to the switching of time frames and allows viewers to journey deep into the narrative, as the story unfolds.

7 A medical miracle

It seems that the character of Claire is never short of surprises and fans of Claire will enjoy more surprises from her in Season 5. She wrestled a wolf (in the books) in Season 1, in a scene which left readers surprised – and which readers hoped would feature in the actual TV series.

In Season 5 she does something equally commendable and invents penicillin! This miracle medicine is used for the Beardsley twins by a determined Claire who shows just how good she is at her job.

6 The militia rises

Viewers might not even know what 'militia' means, but by the close of Season 5, it will be a word that is quite well fixed in their vocabulary. Season 4 ends with Jamie receiving a letter ordering him to form a 'militia'.  Threats about and some military order and intervention is necessary, and Jamie has been earmarked as the man in this instance, to make things happen.

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Throughout Season 5, viewers will watch him wrestle with this militia business, as drama unfolds and many loose ends are tied up and confronted.

5 Decisions, decisions...

Jamie has a tough decision - or rather, tough decisions, to make in Season 5 of the series.

Word out is that he will be caught between a rock and a hard place. He has signed an oath to the Crown, that is, Governor Tryon, for the land they are living on. This oath might come into conflict with his loyalty to Murtagh. How will he get out of the situation... if he gets out of it at all? Some exciting viewing on the cards!

4 Turbulence in love

If entertainment reports are anything to go by, Jamie and Claire could hit some interesting times in their relationship in Season 5. Okay, so they have already had many ‘interesting times’ but Season 5 will be no exception as they grapple overwhelming circumstances together in high-pressure situations.

The couple's relationship is expecting to evolve rapidly in coming episodes so get out the popcorn and a tissue or two. Fans want to see the couple come out triumphant so let’s hope for the best.

3 The stirrings of revolution

As America marches towards Revolution in the new season of Outlander, tension heats up and this inevitably impacts on all of the characters' lives.

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Unrest triggered by the Regulator Movement causes an alarming undercurrent felt by all of the characters and viewers might be thrilled to know that this will translate to intensified onscreen action. Friend, neighbors and countrymen alike in the world of Outlander are all affected.

2 Family

‘Family’ will form a central theme of the narrative in Season 5. Questions such as ‘who is family?’ and ‘how do you keep family together’ will be major themes in the storyline. There is a coming storm in the narrative and this will mean characters will have to reach deep within and settle priorities within themselves.

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Fans hope all involved will make the right decisions.

1 New relationships forged

While time is expected to stand reasonably still for Season 5 (with time traveling put on hold, for the meantime), there will be lots of action happening, with many new relationships expected to be forged.

Not only will new appointments and relationships be opened up, but there will be a lot going on in the lives of all of the characters – an intensified narrative set within a single timeframe.

What do you want to see out of Outlander season 5? Let us know in the comments!

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