Outlander: 10 Season 5 Fan Theories That Could Actually Happen

Starz's Outlander has been renewed for Season 5 & 6, but what do fans predict will happen in the time-traveling drama?

Outlander has never failed to thrill audiences with its action-packed, dynamic episodes and viewers expect equally exciting viewing in Season 5 - if fan theories are anything to go by.

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Based on the previous seasons, as well as pre-knowledge of the books on which the series is based, fans have some theories about what may transpire in the new season. However outlandish these might seem, they could just be possible, if the past episodes and books are anything to go by.

Here are just 10 of the Season 5 fan theories that could actually happen!

10 War is a possibility

Outlander fan theories suggest that a face-off between Jamie and Murtagh is inevitable in Season 5. If things don't change for either of them politically as the series progresses, they might have to stand against each other.

As Godfather and Godson, the duo is undeniably close, which heightens the tension and apprehension over a possible stand-off in Series 5. They stand in opposition because Murtagh is a Regulator and Jamie has been given land in exchange for his loyalty to the Governor.

9 More on Lord John Grey

Fans of the show are hoping for more in-depth coverage of Lord John Grey, bringing more mystery and intrigue to the character in Season 5. The character is a favorite in the original books, and he has achieved equal status from fans of the show.

It would then make sense that in Season 5 he is given a side-story of his own. In the books, Grey proved popular enough to warrant his own spin-off - so this fan theory about Season 5 might not be that far off.

8 More on time travel

Time travel and its dynamics have intrigued viewers since Outlander's start. There is evidence that the ability to time travel is hereditary - believe it or not - so fans of the show are expectant more to be revealed during Season 5 when more of this exceptional phenomenon and its dynamics are explored further.

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Jamie Fraser is not able to travel through the stones in the same way as Claire. Brianna, Claire's daughter, is also able to travel through time, suggesting that this ability is dependent on a person’s genetics.

7 Loyalty despite adversity

Fans have theorized that however difficult circumstances might seem between Jamie and Murtagh, that Jamie will remain loyal to Murtagh in Season 5. As a landowner and Regulator, respectively, the Godson and Godfather stand on opposite sides of the spectrum, however, their relationship might just save the day and bring unexpected elements of loyalty into the series’ narrative.

Who knows? Maybe Jamie will pretend he’s on the governor’s side and assist Murtagh. Alternatively, there is the possibility he will warn Murtagh before anything terrible happens to him or his team.

6 Jamie's ghost shows up

Fans have theorized Season 5 will see Jamie and Claire's love story continue to run strong, even in the face of heightened tension. It would seem the pair of lovebirds always manage to find their way to each other, and that not even death can keep them apart.

Claire has the ability to time travel and Jamie's 'ghost' would have his beloved steered towards him, as viewers theorize, even showing up to direct her to the right year, 1743 Scotland, and - by extension - him. Will there be more of this ridiculous love story in Season 5? Viewers seem to think so.

5 More on Jamie's visions

The character of Jamie has never failed to impress fans. It would seem he is a dreamer and a visionary, and that Brianna is present in his visions. Fans expect more understanding of Jamie's gift and more revelation of his visions of Brianna in the new season.

Jamie has already mentioned dreaming of Brianna before she ever went through the stones to warn her parents of an impending and lethal fire. It would seem his dreams and visions are accurate since he even mentioned Brianna having a birthmark, as he perceived in the vision, which no-one had ever told him about.

4 Fergus' father secrets revealed

In Season 5, viewers are expectant to learn more about Fergus' origins. The books imply that the character's real father is, in fact, Le Comte St. Germain. This makes Fergus the son of Claire and Jamie’s great adversary.

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If Fergus is the Comte’s illegitimate son, this will add some great drama and tension to the narrative. As fans already know Fergus' biological father is both a nobleman and French, this theory doesn't seem too unrealistic.

3 Claire and Fergus... relatives?

2 Roger and Brianna

As Season 4 drew to a close, Roger and Brianna were reunited, much to viewers’ delight as it had been a long time since they had been in each other’s company. However, being reconciled does not mean the union will not bring forth its own difficulties. It is anticipated that Season 5 will see the couple having to iron out some tricky issues which have crept in between them since they were last together, as well as face any unresolved situations that demand confrontation.

Difficulties and areas of contention may include Brianna’s new baby (who may be Roger’s) and the fact that Roger kept certain information from Brianna, concerning Claire.

1 Frank's knowledge of Brianna

Could it be possible that Frank Randall, a renowned historian, knew that Brianna would time travel back through the stones? The interweaving of timelines makes for some interesting theories and narratives. It also allows for a compelling narrative that permits the characters to relate to each other in unique ways.

One of these is the dynamic interludes between Frank Randall and Brianna. How much does Frank know and understand about Brianna's time travel journeys? Season 5 is expected to reveal more of his knowledge about Brianna and Claire's experiences of time travel.

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