Outlander: 5 Reasons Why Brianna Should Be With Roger (& 5 Why She Shouldn’t)

Move over Jamie and Claire, Roger and Brianna are the new it-couple! Well, that’s only what some fans think. The feelings are divided when it comes to one of Outlander’s newest couples. Brianna met Roger after she and her mother took a trip to Scotland to visit the same place that Claire had vanished from decades earlier.

While helping Claire do research on what happened to Jamie, he and Bri started developing feelings for each other. Roger was there for Brianna after her mom decided to go back through the stones to find out if Jamie was still alive. When Brianna then took off after her parents, he wasted no time following her to make sure she was keeping safe.

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As adorable as Roger and Brianna’s relationship sounds on paper, it hasn’t been without its faults. Many fans have taken issue with some of Roger’s out-dated beliefs, including his stances on getting engaged quickly and intimacy before marriage. Many fans take issue with him shaming Bri when she doesn’t want things to move along so quickly. It doesn’t help when they reunite in the past, yet he leaves her when he realizes her feelings haven’t changed.

Needless to say, feelings are divided on this Outlander couple. Check out these five reasons they should be together and five reasons they should be apart.

10 Be Apart: He Tried To Pressure Her Into Marriage

It’s no secret that Roger wanted things to move faster between him and Brianna than she felt comfortable with. When Brianna was visiting Roger in Scotland and things got hot and heavy at her cabin, before they even took things to the next level physically, Roger has begun talking about marriage.

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Roger even talks about the number of kids he wants and buying a home. Fans could understand why Bri was taken aback by Roger’s plan, especially considering they hadn’t spent a lot of time in the same country recently.

9 Be Together: He Continued To Research Her Parents

Even after Brianna’s mother, Claire, went back through the stones to be with Jamie, Roger continued to do his own research to see if he could find out anything on them. He ends up finding something very important - the potential dates of Claire and Jamie’s deaths - which ends up prompting Bri to go to the past to warn her parents.

Roger clearly has strong feelings for Brianna to have put in so much effort into learning about her family. Roger may have saved Claire and Jamie’s lives…depending on how next season goes, that is.

8 Be Apart: He Made A Big Deal About Her Virginity

There are several times Roger makes a big deal about Brianna’s virginity as well as women’s sexuality in general. After his proposal goes wrong in the cabin, he shames Brianna for wanting to be with him without wanting to be engaged.

Roger tells her he thought she was ‘different’ from other girls as if there was something sleazy about Bri wanting to take things to the next level. Then, once they do the deed after traveling through the stones, Roger literally abandons Brianna when he realizes her feelings on marriage haven’t changed.

7 Be Together: He Followed Her Through The Stones

Likely one of Roger’s best moments was when he did not hesitate to follow Brianna into the stones. Remember this happened after their huge disagreement about being intimate and getting engaged.

When Roger tries to make things up with her but realizes she’s gone to the past to warn her parents, he gears up to do the same thing, despite not knowing if he’ll survive the journey or ever make it back to the present day. If that doesn’t show someone’s courage, nothing does!

6 Be Apart: He Left When He Discovered Her Pregnancy

Fans were expecting Roger to rush to Brianna’s side after he realized what happened to her the night they slept together (when he literally walked out on her, no less). At first, he was elated to discover that she was pregnant.

As soon as Roger realized there was a chance the baby wasn’t his, he starts heading back towards the stones. This shows that Roger didn’t really care about Bri’s well-being. Rather, he was more concerned about having the picture-perfect marriage and family he’d been pressuring her into.

5 Be Together: But He Came Back In The End

Even though Roger initially planned to leave the 18th century when he discovered the details of Brianna’s pregnancy, he made a different decision in the end. In fact, Roger turned right back around and headed for Bri’s parent’s cabin to find her.

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Of course, fans know that he ran into some trouble before he could get there, namely Brianna’s cousin Ian. But the point is that, in the end, Roger looked past the fact the baby might not be his and decided to stay with Brianna and help her raise him.

4 Be Apart: He’s A Bit Misogynistic & Controlling

As adorable as Roger and Brianna seemed together at times, it’s clear that he still has misogynistic tendencies and has trouble allowing Bri to be fully independent. The very fact that he thought she should want to marry him after losing her virginity to him was problematic.

We get that Roger and Bri’s relationship takes place in the early ‘70s, which was only the beginning of the women’s liberation movement, but it’s hard to look past all of Roger’s sexiest moments.

3 Be Together: He Forgave Her Dad & Ian For Selling Him

Although we’re sure things will be tense between Roger, Jamie, and Ian next season, the fact that Roger is staying to be with Brianna means he can look past her family’s, um, indiscretion. Fans know that Ian mistakenly came to believe Roger was responsible for Bri’s assault and subsequently informs her dad Jamie.

When the two of them stumble across Roger on his way to find Brianna, they end up selling him to Natives in order to punish him for what they think he’s done wrong. The rest of the season follows them trying to rectify their huge mistake.

2 Be Apart: He Doesn’t Respect Her Ability To Decide For Herself

Roger really believes that Brianna should consider his advice above all and, if she decides differently, then it’s of detriment to her. Need examples? There was the time he was furious when she considered leaving University after her mom went back to the past.

Roger also couldn’t respect Bri’s decision to not want to get engaged at such a young age. Roger seems to only want Brianna when she fits into his perfect idea of what a potential wife should act like. In this way, he lacks respect for her as an individual and will ultimately only hold her back.

1 Be Together: He’s Willing To Stay In The Past With Her

Based on how the most recent season ended, it’s pretty clear that Roger has no plans to travel through the stones back to the future. He’s finally been saved from slavery and reunited with Brianna as well as their child.

Roger seems to have gotten over the fact that her son may not be biologically his. From the looks of things, he and Brianna are going to give things between them another try (and raise the baby as a family). We wouldn’t be surprised if the three of them are living under the same roof as Claire and Jamie- one big happy family, huh?

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