Outlander: 10 Questions About Murtagh, Answered

Murtagh Fitzgibbons, loyal companion of Jamie and Claire Fraser, is an essential part of Outlander. We've answered all questions you may have.

When you think of Outlander, you likely think of the beautiful romance between Jamie and Claire Fraser, time-traveling, and the incredible backdrop of 18th-century Scotland.

But there's another character that comes to mind for die-hard fans of the show, and that is our very own Murtagh Fitzgibbons. He has become one of the most favored characters throughout the entire series, and it's easy to see why with his charm, loyalty, and handsome features.

Even so, there might still be some questions out there about our beloved Murtagh that are needing answers. That's where we come in.

10 Who Is Murtagh Fitzgibbons?

Murtagh Fitzgibbons is the godfather and right-hand-man to Jamie Fraser, our hero of the Outlander series. Murtagh has become a fan favorite in the Starz series based on the books by Diana Gabaldon.

The Scottish soldier has fought alongside his godson in many a battle, and has been there for Jamie and his wife, Claire, through thick and thin.

He's a man of honor that Jamie could always rely on. The dedication he has for his godson and his family has been proven time and time again. While Murtagh's loyalty and love can never be questioned, he is still a man that you would never want to cross.

9 Is Murtagh Different In The Series Compared To The Books?

In short, yes. He is remarkably different than how his character was portrayed in the books. For instance, his appearance was drastically different being that he was described as being a short, wiry man with a rat-like face. Not exactly the best description for a man like Murtagh, at least not the one we know from the television series.

He also was more of a secondary character that didn't add much to the story overall. He was only there in the background and appeared when needed, but in the show, he is one of the most loved and talked about characters.

8 Did He Survive The Battle Of Culloden?

In the books, he did not survive. But luckily for fans of the television series, we were pleasantly surprised when we learned in season 3 that Murtagh did indeed survive the infamous Battle of Culloden, where many other Scots perished on the battlefield.

He ended up at the same prison Jamie was sent to, and while he was ill for a time there, Jamie helped get him treated in exchange for helping Lord John Grey.

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Of course, the two would be separated once again after that for 12 years, until they finally reunited in season 4.

7 What Are His Political Views?

Murtagh is a leader in the Regulator movement. The movement is an uprising against the British colony of North Carolina, where Murtagh - as well as Jamie and Claire - are located.

The biggest problem with Murtagh taking part in the Regulator movement, as a leader no less, is the fact that Jamie has already pledged his loyalty to British colonist, Governor Tryon.

This not only puts Jamie and Murtagh on opposite sides of the political spectrum, but has Jamie constantly straddling the lines of his loyalties. Of course, Jamie has helped Murtagh avoid imprisonment, but it's only a matter of time until their opposing views catch up to them.

6 Does He Know Claire Time-Traveled?

Murtagh, does indeed know about Claire's time-traveling capabilities. In season 2, while Jamie and Claire were in France with Murtagh, Jamie confided Claire's secret to Murtagh. Obviously, Murtagh was shocked, at first. But because of his unflinching loyalty and devotion to both Jamie and Claire, he readily accepted this as a fact.

It just goes to show you that a man like Murtagh will not waver in his loyalties to the ones he cares about and loves in his life. For most people, especially the superstitious Scots of that time, it would be hard to wrap your head around information such as that. But not for Murtagh, evidently.

5 Who Was His First Love?

That would be none other than Jamie's mother, Ellen MacKenzie. Both Murtagh and Jamie's father, Brian, were vying for the attention and love of Ellen. It was Brian who won out in the end, though not before Murtagh gave Ellen a one-of-a-kind gift.

See, when Murtagh had killed a wild boar at The Gathering, Colum Mackenzie gave Murtagh the tusks. He made beautiful bracelets out of them and, in turn, gifted them to Ellen. She still married Brian, but Murtagh always had a great love for her, regardless of her choice in the end.

4 How Did He Become So Close To Jamie?

His close relationship with Jamie began when Jamie was merely a week old. Murtagh knelt at Ellen MacKenzie's feet and proceeded to swear an oath to her and her son that he would always follow Jamie, "do his bidding", and guard him once he became a man and needed his service.

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It was a tremendously selfless and honorable thing to do for a woman who had chose another man. It just showed what kind of man Murtagh has always been, and that his love for Ellen knew no bounds, regardless of her decision.

3 Is He A Vengeful Man?

Honestly, he can be a vengeful person when the need arises. He cares tremendously about certain people in life, to the point that he would do quite literally anything for them.

He also is an honorable man who prides himself on that fact. So when in season 2, while in France, he was unable to fully protect Claire and Mary Hawkins, which resulted in Mary being assaulted, he wouldn't forgive himself until he brought the one responsible for it to justice.

He did just that when he found out it was the Duke of Sandringham's fault and he promptly ended his life, quite brutally.

2 Did He Ever Find Love Again?

Possibly. In season 4, we saw a relationship developing between himself and Jamie's Aunt Jocasta, the sister of Ellen MacKenzie. It was clear that there were feelings brewing between the two that boiled over when they fell into bed together.

Murtagh deeply cares for Jocasta and we could easily see their relationship growing and becoming a deeper connection for both of them. We can only hope after the many years Murtagh has spent alone that he will finally find the love he was always meant to have. Even if that love wasn't meant to be with Ellen.

1 Will We See Him In Season 5 Of Outlander?

Season 4 was certainly not the last time we will be seeing Murtagh Fitzgibbons. He is a force to be reckoned with, and with the upcoming war starting between the British colonial officials and the Regulators, Murtagh is sure to be at the helm of the Regulators.

This will, of course, cause friction between himself and his godson, Jamie, but we are positive that Murtagh and Jamie will find a way to be on the same side, one way or another.

Plus, Murtagh was gone for too long in season 3 that we would be hard-pressed to let him go now.

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