Outlander: 10 Hilarious Memes Only Sassenach Will Understand

Outlander is a serious historical romance on Starz, but these ten hilarious memes know exactly how to tickles fans' funny bones.

Outlander is a show that has many facets to it. Whether you're looking for drama or romance or action or even fantasy elements, it has a little bit of everything for everyone. But with all of these elements, the show can be pretty heavy to watch and get very serious.

Which is why having comically accurate and entertaining memes to laugh at can help take the edge off the seriousness, but also to help get by when the Droughtlander has begun.

Because of that, we have compiled 10 of the funniest memes Outlander fans are sure to enjoy. Here are the 10 Hilarious Outlander Memes That Only Sassenach Will Understand.

10 That Awkward Moment When You Call Your Partner Jamie

There is quite possibly nothing more awkward than calling your significant other by the wrong name. The only thing that might be more awkward than that? Calling them a name that is actually your favorite fictional character's name instead.

Any Outlander fan who has a serious thing for Jamie Fraser probably has put themselves in the shoes of his Sassenach, Claire, more times than they'd care to admit. But having that fantasy come out at an inopportune moment probably is the last thing your partner would want to hear.

Oh well, we all make mistakes. But this hilarious meme calls out that mistake perfectly.

9 She’s Still Jenny From The Broch

This mash-up of a Jennifer Lopez song -- "Jenny From The Block" -- and Outlander is beyond clever and witty. Jamie's sister, Jenny, took over as Lady Broch Tuarach when Jamie was a wanted man in the first season. Hence, she is Jenny from the Broch.

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And the thing about Jamie's sister, Jenny, is she is as stubborn and fiery as her brother. She is definitely not one you want to cross and she makes sure you never do again if you're stupid enough to in the first place.

So in other words, don't mess with Jenny from the Broch, or you'll live to regret it.

8 Jamie’s Awkward First Meeting With Bree

One of the most intense and long-awaited moments in Outlander history was Jamie Fraser finally meeting his biological daughter, Brianna Randall. She had traveled back in time through the stones at Craigh Na Dun to find her mother and father and out of pure luck, she stumbled upon her dear old dad.

He was relieving himself at the time and once he realized it was indeed his daughter, he lovingly touched her face and was in awe of her. The only problem was, he did not wash his hands after relieving himself. It's a little bit more than awkward, as you can see here.

7 Jamie Fraser: Husband Material

We all know just how swoon-worthy the Highlander Scot, Jamie Fraser, can be. It's no wonder he has such an adoring fanbase and many of his fans look at him as the epitome of the perfect husband.

So it makes perfect sense that someone would take that train of thought and make a hysterically accurate meme out of it. It's a fantastic pick-up line, too, for any Scot wearing a kilt to use, don't you think?

Regardless, we can probably all agree that any of us would be lucky to have a husband such as Jamie Fraser in our lives.

6 Laoghaire Needs To Stop Talking

Way back when in season 1 of Outlander, Laoghaire was harboring a major crush on Jamie, while he clearly was already very attracted to Claire, the mysterious English visitor at Castle Leoch.

During this night, in particular, Jamie and Claire were engaged in a conversation and even flirting a bit when Laoghaire kept cutting in to make her presence known.

It was at the moment that we all wanted her to just stop talking and let Claire and Jamie's chemistry build. And in this meme, we see that Claire was on the same page as audiences. So Laoghaire, just please stop talking.

5 If Only We Could Order A Jamie

Jamie Fraser is such a charming, gorgeous, and compassionate man that it was easy to see why Claire fell for him so hard and so fast. And with the love that Claire had for Jamie, many fans of the show also developed an infatuation with the kilt-wearing Scotsman themselves.

So with this meme, we get a hilarious alcohol pun. Obviously, Jamie is a Scot and is leaning on rocks, hence "I'll have a Scotch on the rocks" can be a double entendre.

Whether it's a drink you want, or Jamie Fraser himself, I'm sure all of us would be on board.

4 Black Jack Randall Is So Creepy

One of the greatest meme crazes is taking a popular show and creating comical and witty pickup line to go with said show. Outlander has gotten this treatment with this next meme.

I'm sure we all know by now that Black Jack Randall was an intense villain and just downright creepy. From the first moment we saw him when he came upon Claire in the Highlands, we knew he was going to cause nothing but trouble.

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Sure enough, he attacked Claire, and from that moment on, he created turmoil everywhere he went. Saying he's a stalker is just the tip of the iceberg with this guy.

3 Bad Timing On Claire’s Part

Jamie and Claire got together under unconventional circumstances, to say the least. She had to enter a marriage of convenience with him to literally save her life from Black Jack Randall.

Of course, they would soon fall madly in love and never want to be apart, but on their wedding night, they had no idea where it would lead. So they were both understandably nervous about being intimate with one another.

But just as things were heating up between them, Claire stopped their kiss and asked Jamie about his family instead. Talk about a serious mood killer.

2 Jamie Wants To Make You His Wife

Who could deny an offer from Jamie Fraser himself such as this? We would gladly take his last name if given the opportunity, especially if he treated us with the love and care he does Claire.

But sadly, this line is clearly meant for Claire and Claire alone. She is his Sassenach, after all.

Even so, this is a fantastic line to associate with Jamie and totally seems like something he would say if given the opportunity to Claire. And her response would be just as clever and keep him on his toes -- we're positive of that.

1 The Droughtlander Struggle Is Real

Every single year when the latest season of Outlander has come to an end, the fans inevitably feel that sense of dread at having to wait an entire year for the next one.

And then, suddenly, there comes the Droughtlander, which is what the Outlander fanbase not-so-lovingly calls the time it takes to get to the next season.

This meme perfectly sums up what life is like for the die-hard Outlander fans as they await the next season of their beloved show. Things just aren't the same when you don't have Jamie and Claire's story to look forward to each and every week.

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