Outlander: 10 Hilarious Lord John Grey Memes That Are Too Funny

Anyone who's ever watched Outlander knows what it's like to have their hearts broken. Very few shows on television are capable of taking something as crazy as time-traveling and turning it into a period piece filled with adventure, love, pain, and overall emotional plot lines. However, that's exactly what makes the series so special and so loved amongst fans. That, and, of course, all the amazing characters without whom Outlander simply wouldn't be the same.

One of these characters if the ever charismatic Lord John Grey, whose feelings for Scottish man Jamie Fraser have led him to do some very brave things. Also, some very stupid things. But, hey, love is blind, right? Lord John Grey's character is so complex and compelling that it's impossible to ignore. And, of course, because we live in the age of the Internet, he's impossible not to meme. So, while you anxiously await the return of the show, we leave you with ten hilarious Lord John Grey memes. Here's to hoping it'll make time pass by faster!

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10 Don't Play With Me, Fraser

Fans of Lord John Grey will be quick to argue that, if not for him, the Fraser family would probably be six feet underground by now. This is not to take away from the bravery of our favorite couple, of course. But it's undeniable that Grey's love for Jamie has compelled him to go to extreme extents to ensure his family's safety.

Let us not forget who we are talking about here. Lord John is an honest man with a very specific set of values. When Jamie offered to repay him with sexual favors, he refused to accept it, even though he wanted to. Obviously, fans wouldn't miss their chance to play with this, and a comic-book meme was born.

9 Leave.

Meeting the woman who holds the heart of the man you love most dearly in this world cannot be an easy task. Even though we adore Claire and Jamie together, it's impossible not to feel empathy towards Lord John Grey. After all, Claire can be perceived as the one and only reason why Jamie will not be will Grey.

But alas, John is an impeccable figure who had to learn how to keep his true feelings and identity concealed throughout his entire life. Let us remember that being gay in the 18th century was enough to get you killed. No wonder he became such an expert in the poker face game, which allowed him to meet Claire without crying or pushing her.

8 Wanna Play A Game?

Like with any other television show or book series in the world, there will be a divide amongst fans. While the great majority is all for Claire and Jaime to be together forever, there are some who think differently. And we can't really blame them for thinking Jamie and Lord John Grey would be a good match.

After all, there is no denying that Lord Grey's love for Jamie is true and pure. Plus, the man is a hunk. Who could say no this face? Especially when he is offering you to teach you how to step up your chess game? Of course, amongst a few other things...

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7 Yup, I Want That

Everyone is familiar with the on-going Internet gag of making ovaries explode. This is mostly employed by fanatic audiences who feel their insides melt when the object of their adoration says something cute. Or anything, really. Or just stares seductively into the camera.

However, a case can be made for Lord John Grey as the ultimate fangirl. Only when it comes to Jamie Fraser, of course, but a fangirl nonetheless. The way this man stares at Jamie can only mean two things—love and lust. So, no, we can't really blame Grey for feeling like his non-existent ovaries exploded just by seeing Jamie.

6 BFF Bracelets

Even though Lord John Grey knows he will never have Jamie's love, he can rest assured that he will forever have his respect and friendship. We have to commend Grey for feeling like that is more than enough for him, so much so that it motivates him to save Jamie and his family in more than one occasion.

Jamie truly holds deep care and affection for this man, which were the basis for the beautiful friendship they now share. They didn't quite cement it with bracelets or lockets—at least, not on camera. But we choose to believe they have pink BFF tokens hidden somewhere nonetheless!

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5 Highland Problems

Just because he can't have them, doesn't mean he won't stare. Quite honestly, Lord John Grey is all of us. Let's be real; from everyone who watches the show, who hasn't found themselves staring into Jamie Fraser's beautiful eyes and disheveled auburn curls? Or just smiling when he speaks?

Lord John Grey is a whole mood here. Even though there are plenty of everyday problems in the Highlands —like the smell and the freezing cold—none is quite as complicated as trying not to stare at Jamie. Those are facts, and Lord John Grey is incredibly aware of them. Props for making it through!

4 Lord John Grey Wins

There are a lot of satisfying things about Outlander. The costumes. The way Scottish people talk. Beautiful landscapes, good-looking people, complex political intrigue, and the list goes on. But few things are quite as satisfying as seeing a beloved character being an absolute badass slash conceited person.

Very few characters have the gift of doing it quite as elegantly as Lord John Grey, which is just another reason to love him. We're very much aware this isn't the way the whole thing transpired. But, if you go through the scene again, the undertones are there, and they are absolutely hilarious!

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3 Yay.

Jamie felt a connection with Lord John Grey pretty early on—you know, even despite being his prisoner and all of that. He talked to him about Claire, his wife and the love of his life, who was gone, and how much he wished he could be with her again. It's not hard to imagine how painful hearing this must've have been for Lord John Grey.

We can't exactly blame him for wishing this woman would never come back. But, as we all know, she did. The moment the two of them met was anticipated by everyone... and, of course, it sparked a thousand memes. The poker face and the sarcasm are so real, you can almost feel them through the screen.

2 He Calls, I Come

Can anyone honestly doubt Lord John Grey's love for Jamie Fraser? The answer is, of course, no, and the poor man has already proved time and time again that he would cross oceans and go through all sorts of horrible ordeals for Jamie. Even though he knows Jamie will never be his the way he wished.

Ever since Lord Grey first appeared on the show, it's a given that he will show up anytime Jamie is in danger. Maybe it's because he loves him so much. Maybe it's because that booty is worth it. Probably both. Either way, this meme is on point, so let us all appreciate it in its full glory.

1 Jolene, Jolene...

We have to applaud Lord John Grey for being such a wholesome person. In what universe would you be able to be cordial, and even help, the person who is loved so deeply by the man you want so much? Well, apparently, in Lord John Grey's universe., and what a painful one that must be!

However, let us put all the emotions aside and just entertain the idea of Grey bursting into song in front of Claire—and not just any song, but the country anthem Jolene itself. No, it didn't happen, but it's not as unlikely as one might think... all we can do is hope and use this meme as a surrogate for the time being.

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