Outlander: 10 Jamie & Lord John Grey Memes That Are Too Hilarious For Words

In many ways, Lord John Grey was exactly the character we needed in Outlander. In the books, Diana Gabaldon's beloved English lord became so incredibly popular it resulted in him having his own set of books. In the show, even hardcore fans of the beautiful love story between Claire and Jamie Fraser can't bring themselves to hate the one person who could potentially be a threat to them.

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Lord John Grey's love for Jamie is so pure and sweet that he doesn't try to change him. And he doesn't resent him when he realizes he will never stand a chance in the face of his love for Claire. Instead, Lord John Grey remains a loyal friend, who many times went out of his way to help the Fraser family. While there are many fans out there who would actually love to see the two together, the Jamie and Lord John Grey situation has sparked an immensity of hilarious memes. Let's take a look at ten of the funniest memes!

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10 I Love You, I Don't Care

It truly is a rare and beautiful thing when a character doesn't turn into a complete idiot if their feelings for another aren't reciprocated. What tends to happen is that, once a character is rejected, they become sworn enemies of the one who rejected them. But not the elegant, honorable Lord John Grey.

Far from having an obsessive kind of love for Jamie Fraser, he nurtures his feelings for him while accepting that they will never be anything more than friends. He accepts that he can't be with him, but loves and admires him nonetheless. And of course, he doesn't mind getting a peek every now and then! Well, then again, who wouldn't?

9 I'm Sorry, What Were You Saying?

Anyone who's ever had a crush is more than familiar with the face you make with they are around. You just stare at them like they are the only star in the sky. Was that too cheesy? Well, Lord John Grey himself can definitely relate when Jamie Fraser is around.

And let's all be real for a minute here: whether it's the Highlands or not, if Jamie Fraser was around, we would all do the same. See how John looks at him? We felt that. Your dog felt that. The world felt that.

8 They Rang The SOS Bell

There can't be a single doubt in anyone's mind regarding the power of Lord John Grey's feelings for our favorite Scottish man. If they were to be in separate rooms together and Jamie sneezed, you can bet an entire fortune on how Lord John Grey would come running with a diverse selection of tissues and lay them down at Jamie's feet.

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Whether it is because love truly is a force to be reckoned with, or because Jamie's backside is worthy of a Grammy Award, that we can't answer. Let's just settle for both and enjoy the hilarious meme that tries to smoothly answer the question.

7 If You Don't Love Me At My Worst...

Do you know what's one of the best things about Lord John Grey? It doesn't matter how much it breaks his heart that Jamie loves another: John doesn't hide and cry like a wounded puppy. We're talking about an extremely complex, flawed, and intricate character here.

When it comes to laying down his feelings, he doesn't have a problem with it. But when it's time to get some work done and whoop some behinds, he certainly doesn't have a problem with it either. Lord John Grey can do it all, and he looks fine no matter what it is.

6 You're Perfect

When it comes to the main Internet language, nothing beats the art of memes. So much so that once a meme arises, it's possible to adapt it to any medium. It's a fantastic way for fans to cope with certain things, and to keep their love for the characters alive during those agonizing moments of the wait between seasons or books.

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The "I know this, and I love you" format has been utilized by pretty much every fanbase around the world, and of course, Outlander would be no exception. And we can't think of a better pairing than Jamie and Lord John Grey. Sometimes love is blind. Or maybe Jamie Fraser is just perfect. Either way, we love him—and so does John.

5 Really? Again?

Name one protagonist in the history of the world that would have made it and thrived in their own stories without the help of some loyal friends. You can't? Well, that's no surprise! Every superhero needs a sidekick, a voice of reason, or someone who will roll their eyes and just help them with whatever dumb thing they're going to do next.

Lord John Grey is that person for the Fraser family. This man has gone out of his way so many times to help Jamie and Claire get out of trouble, it's crazy. He even got engaged to their daughter. The daughter of the man he loves. If it weren't for John, who knows where the Frasers would be now?

4 Sign The Papers, Jamie

No matter how much we love Jamie and Claire, a little part of us can't help but wonder what the world would be like if Jamie and John were together. As in married, with all the little cute quarrels and inside jokes and declarations of love. Because it would probably be extremely entertaining.

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And although this will never happen anywhere except for the realms of fanfiction, we know Lord John Grey thinks about it quite often. So much so, fans couldn't help but come up with this hilarious meme that goes from a divorce filing to a marriage proposal (kind of).

3 Third Wheel Claire

Claire Fraser and Lord John Grey have everything that's needed to make for very compelling enemies. But these two characters, although they are human and flawed as they should be, still have a great amount for respect for each other. The love they both share for Jamie lays the foundation for an unlikely relationship. Plus, Claire has a lot to be thankful for—her family would be in shambles if it weren't for Lord John Grey.

This hilarious third-wheel meme that presents Lord John Grey probably staring at Jamie with hearts in his eyes and a completely distracted Jamie represents the dynamic between these three in a pretty funny way. No hard feelings, just loving from a distance over here!

2 I Will Cut You

The good thing about historical shows is when fans transport their beloved characters into the current day and age. When it comes to Outlander, they've done it all—including giving Jamie and Claire iPhones and imagining the texts they would exchange.

Lord John Grey is nothing but a memeable character. His facial expressions are often absolutely priceless, and one can't help watching him on screen and scream "same John, same" at the TV. In this case, we're sure this is exactly the face he would make if anyone tried to sabotage his diet. He'd probably stab them, too.

1 Comic Book John Grey

This list wouldn't be complete without imagining Lord John Grey inside an Outlander-inspired comic book series. It's often hilarious how fans of the show use the slightly tragic events or defining traits of a character and come up with potential dialogues and thoughts that instead make us cry with laughter.

Queue John's amazing ability to hide his feelings due to his sexual orientation during the 18th century, and a meeting with Claire where she talks about her sex life with Jamie, and we have a beautifully crafted meme. Nothing but respect for the creativity of the Outlander fandom!

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