Outlander: 10 Facts About Jamie And Claire From The Books The Show Leaves Out

Outlander is a television show that takes you back in time to the rolling hills and beautiful landscape of Scotland in the 18th-century. We meet Claire Randall, a WWII nurse who travels back to this time and meets and falls in love with a Highlander named Jamie Fraser, and thus their romantic tale begins.

In the books, there are many significant moments throughout their relationship that couldn't all be translated to our television screens. Some were understandable, while others were rather disappointing. We have compiled a list of some of these important moments between the incredible lovers of Outlander.

10 Jamie And Claire Carved Each Other’s Initials On Their Hands

At the end of season 2 of Outlander, Claire had to go back through the stones at Craigh Na Dun to return to her own time. This was to ensure her safety as well as their unborn child's. But in the second book, Dragonfly In Amber, Jamie and Claire find a way to always be with one another regardless.

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They carved each other's initials into their hands to always have that reminder, and to be together even when they are not. This nearly made an appearance in season 3, while they were aboard The Artemis. But it ended up being edited out before it aired.

9 The Ring Jamie Gave Claire Was Different In The Books

When Jamie and Claire are to be married in season 1, Jamie has a ring made for her using the key to his home in Lallybroch. It was significant to him because Claire would now be his home.

But in the books, he bought a ring for her. It was beautifully described as, "a Highland interlace pattern, the links engraved with tiny, stylized thistle blooms.” Though Jamie does give her this ring in season 4 of the show, to replace the one Stephen Bonnett had stolen, it was still quite a big departure from what happened in the books originally.

8 Jamie Had No Idea Laoghaire Was Involved In Claire’s Witch Trial

The witch trial was a seriously traumatic event Claire had to endure in the first book and first season of the show. It was all thanks to her enemy, Laoghaire. The young girl whose advances were spurned by Jamie once he became involved with Claire had a lot of anger towards her because of it.

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Jamie never knew of Laoghaire's involvement, though, in the trial until Claire had returned to him 20 years later and found out about his marriage to Laoghaire. But that was what happened in the books, not the show. Yet Jamie's marriage to Laoghaire makes more sense with his lack of knowledge of what she had done to Claire 20 years prior. So why did they leave it out?

7 Jamie Saves Claire From The Witch Trial With A Crucifix

Just when it looks like Claire’s luck — and time — is running out during her witch trial with Geillis, Jamie comes into the courtroom, prepared to fight for his love. And he does just that when he draws his sword in the crowded room and saves Claire from certain death.

This all played out differently in the books, however. The trial actually took place outside and Jamie actually saves the day using a crucifix. He rides in and puts it around Claire’s neck to prove she is innocent of witchcraft. In the end, the object and Jamie save Claire's life in this intense scene.

6 Claire Tells Jamie About Her Life With Frank

There is no doubt that as much as Jamie may be secure in his relationship with Claire, he still is jealous of her relationship with Frank and the fact he was the one to raise their daughter, Brianna.

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But he still listens when Claire or Bree talk about him. And there was one scene, in particular, in Drums of Autumn, where Claire tells Jamie about the life she had built with Frank. In a sad turn of events, this scene was not featured during season 4 and would have been an emotional scene to watch the incredible Caitriona Balfe perform.

5 Claire Saved Jamie During A Blizzard

There are always important moments left out of books when translated to film or television shows, but this seemed to happen a lot during season 4 of Outlander. Because another key missing scene during the season was when Claire braved a literal blizzard to save Jamie’s life. On Christmas Eve, no less.

This scene was a great heart-pounding and heroic moment for our leading lady, Claire, but for whatever reason, it was not included at all during the show’s season 4 run. This was disappointing especially because most of the season Claire was showing more of her domestic side, and it would have been nice to see the other brave and exciting side to Claire, too.

4 There Was A Date Listed For Their Demise At Fraser’s Ridge

Something that was changed from the books to the show added a lot of drama in the show’s fourth season. That was when exactly there would be a fire at Fraser’s Ridge, ending the lives of Claire and Jamie.

Bree, in the books, knew the exact date, which was December 21, 1776. But on the show, the date was smudged on the old newspaper clipping that had their obituary listed. This made it impossible for them to know what year it would happen exactly. Claire and Jamie's lives are at stake and without knowledge of the correct date, they have no idea how to prevent it.

3 Jamie Gives Claire His Mother’s Pearls Before Their Wedding

“The Wedding” episode of Outlander was one of the most highly-anticipated and talked about episodes of the series. It was when the relationship between Jamie and Claire truly began. During their wedding night, after they had engaged in some other activities, Jamie gave Claire his mother's pearl necklace. It was a beautiful and sweet moment.

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In the books, though, he actually gave her the pearl necklace before their wedding had even occurred. It was still a wonderfully sweet gesture of the young Scot to give his soon-to-be wife, but the sequence of events was definitely different when it came to this family heirloom.

2 Claire Didn’t Learn Of Jamie’s “Conditions” For Their Wedding Until Much Later

One of the most romantic things about Jamie and Claire’s wedding was actually all of the preparation Jamie did for their impending nuptials. He had certain “conditions” that must be abided by or he wouldn’t go through with it.

These included: that it be in a church with a priest, that she has a wedding gown, and that she also would have a ring. On the show, he shared these conditions of his with Claire the night of their wedding, before they became intimate. But in the books, he didn’t reveal this information until much later.

This actually helped us see how he truly felt about Claire before they had even been married, so it was a welcome change.

1 They Lacked Intimacy In Season 4

Jamie and Claire are always sensual and intimate with one another. In fact, they typically mark special and momentous moments throughout their lives with their intimacy. This occurs in Drums of Autumn when they find the land that will become Fraser’s Ridge.

They literally mark that spot as their’s and become intimate with one another right then and there. However, that does not happen in season 4 of the show. Honestly, most of season 4 lacked their usual sizzling chemistry and the emotional intimacy that came with those moments. This left many fans of both the books and series disappointed, to say the least.

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