Outlander: 10 Questions About Jamie Fraser, Answered

Jamie Fraser is our leading man of the incredibly popular Starz series, Outlander. The Scotland-based show enraptures us with a love story within a time-traveling tale while weaving in a lot of real history with its fictional aspects. Truth be told, it is one of the most eye-catching and enthralling shows on television right now.

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And a large part of its popularity has everything to do with Jamie Fraser. The handsome, heroic, and altogether romantic character has led an intriguing and full life thus far. Yet, there is still plenty about him that is mysterious and has left us wanting to know more as time goes on. For all of the Outlander fans suffering through this Droughtlander, who are eager to gain more knowledge about our favorite Scotsman, here are the 10 most burning questions about Jamie Fraser answered.

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10 Who Is Jamie Fraser?

James "Jamie" Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser is the Highlander hero of Outlander. Born in 1721, he was raised as the Laird of Lallybroch, his home in the hills of Scotland. He is a Scottish soldier and helped lead the Jacobite army in the Battle of Culloden. Nowadays, he is trying to lead a more stable and domestic life with his wife and children as a landowner.

Needless to say, his life of domestic bliss was interrupted due to tensions rising in the political landscape. But his passion in life is his Sassenach, Claire, and the family they have built together.

9 Who Is His Long-Time Love?

Jamie meets Claire Beauchamp Randall while returning to Scotland. At the time, he's unaware that she just time-traveled from the '40s. It's evident from their first meeting that there is a real connection. The English nurse and the Scottish soldier fall helplessly in love and realize they cannot live without the other.

Claire seamlessly blended into life in 18th-century Scotland, using her skills as a World War II nurse to work as a healer in Jamie's time. While they had several ups and downs, their love for each other is unparalleled and has literally stood the test of time.

8 Did He Believe Claire’s Time-Travel Story?

In short, yes,. The long answer is when the truth finally came out, he listened to his wife's story and what she knows about Scottish history (i.e. his present). While Claire was recounting her story, feeling as though Jamie wouldn't be able to believe the incredulity of the tale, Jamie was just taking it all in.

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When all was said and done, he believed her, much to Claire's initial shock. It showed how much he truly loves Claire and is willing to put all of his faith in her. It was a pivotal moment in their love story.

7 Does He Have Children?

He has three, actually. The first is Fergus, the orphan boy he and Claire adopted during their time in Paris. The second is Claire and Jamie's biological daughter, Brianna. Jamie didn't meet Brianna until she was 20 years old, due to Claire and Jamie being apart in different times since she was born.

And lastly, Jamie had a third child out of wedlock: Willie. He had been with another woman during his time apart from Claire and she had fallen pregnant with their son. Willie isn't aware that Jamie is his father, so Jamie must love him from afar.

6 Who Is His Best Friend?

Ah, the great Murtagh Fitzgibbons, of course. Murtagh is a fellow Scot from Clan MacKenzie who has been with Jamie through thick and thin. Jamie could never find a more loyal and trusted confidante and friend than Murtagh. He has been there from Jamie since the day he was born, quite literally.

He had made a promise to Jamie's mother to always look after him until his dying day and he made good on that promise thus far. Jamie and Murtagh have been through a lot together, yet Murtagh's dedication never wavered.

5 Has He Killed?

Definitely. Probably more times than he'd like to recount. But to be fair, he killed either in self defense, in battle, or for the greater good. He isn't a monster who kills for the thrill of it. While it may seem odd to view someone who harmed others as a hero, there are obvious exceptions, with Jamie Fraser being one.

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He has showed remorse many times over for having to end the life of another, though he recognizes that most of those times, there was literally no other choice for him to make.

4 What Was His Most Gruesome Battle He Fought?

Hands down, the Battle of Culloden. This battle, that was based off a real-life battle and our beloved Jamie Fraser nearly didn't make it out alive. This had been what Claire had feared from the moment she began grew closer to the men of Clan MacKenzie, especially Jamie. She knew the outcome of the bloody battle that would leave thousands dead.

She knew the Jacobite Rebellion was a lost cause, but Jamie was too honorable to leave his fellow men behind. It was gruesome and most Jacobite soldiers didn't survive. Jamie was the lucky one.

3 Who Was His Greatest Enemy?

Jamie's greatest foe and enemy was none other than Jonathan Wolverton "Blackjack" Randall. Blackjack was the Redcoat soldier who stormed Jamie's family's land of Lallybroch, causing Jamie to fight when he was just a young man. 

The nefarious and heinously evil man had his sights set on Jamie for a long time. He reveled in causing him pain while seeming to still have a genuine infatuation with him. Their push and pull "relationship" came to a head at the Battle of Culloden, where Jamie finally struck him down and ended his life once and for all, after years of torment.

2 Is He An Honorable Man?

Jamie Fraser is the epitome of honor. He has a difficult time going against what is truly right in any given scenario and most of the time, he would rather do what is right and face the consequences than succumb to what is being pressured on him.

He fights for those who defend themselves, sacrificing himself and his own safety for his wife more times than we can count. He loves Claire with every fiber of his being and would rather be harmed than see her hurt even for a second. Honorable doesn't even begin to cover Jamie.

1 Where Does He Currently Live?

After seeing him travel around the world, Jamie finally settled in his own land. This time, his home is in the Americas. Specifically, in the gorgeous sweeping mountains of North Carolina.

He made a deal to fight on the side of the British Governor of North Carolina should a war arise between the Redcoats and the Regulator Movement. In exchange, Jamie received a great deal of land where he could settle with Claire, and eventually their daughter Brianna. We should be seeing plenty more of his new home in season 5 of Outlander.

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